How To Break Bowser Blocks And Summon Fury Bowser Anytime You Want In Bowser’s Fury

The world of Lake Lapcat is covered in silver boxes which are practically invincible to Mario and his petty power-up performance because these boxes are made of something much harder than even the world itself. It very well may be moon rocks, like in Super Mario Odyssey. But without the powers and magic of Super Mario Odyssey, that means Mario in Bowser’s Fury is stuck. But not to worry, for there is one thing in Lake Lapcat that is powerful enough to take down the silver boxes, and of course, it’s the kaiju-like Fury Bowser himself.

Yes, when Fury Bowser starts spitting hot fire and melting much of the surroundings of Lake Lapcat, he’s actually giving you a pretty good opportunity to break open these precious blocks and take whatever may be inside – which could be an entirely new challenge, or a hidden Cat Shine. It almost always leads to a Cat Shine somewhere down the line, mind.

The problem is, Fury Bowser likes to pick his own moments to show up, and you might be far, far away from the nearest collection of silver blocks to break by the time Fury Bowser rears his head. Also, can you still get Fury Bowser to appear, even after the final confrontation? Well that’s a damn good question, and it can be answered with the information we have in this guide, naturally! Read on for everything you need to collect Cat Shines in Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury.

How To Break Fury Bowser Blocks

The best way to smash open these blocks is to use Fury Bowser’s fire breath beam that he spurts from his mouth. Getting this to actually make contact with the silver blocks can be difficult, but the main thing you should keep in mind is just standing behind them. Usually, the fire breath won’t penetrate past the silver blocks, even if the blocks get destroyed, so you should be safe there.

You should be more worried about the silver Fury Bowser blocks that are planted into a wall, where you can’t get behind them. Just stand in front of them and prepare yourself to take a hit, because this is the only reasonable way to ensure they are destroyed so you can take the rewards.

When you’ve managed to summon Fury Bowser, he will disappear again once you collect a Cat Shine. For this reason you should think twice about immediately collecting an uncovered Cat Shine – you might want to lead Fury Bowser around and destroy some more blocks first.

Summoning Fury Bowser Whenever You Wish

Yes, you can summon Fury Bowser whenever you want, which makes breaking through these blocks a practically trivial experience. That is, if you own the correct amiibo.

That’s right, Fury Bowser can be summoned, but you must scan a Bowser amiibo. It doesn’t matter which, there are three Bowser amiibo across the Super Smash Bros., Super Mario, and Super Mario Odyssey sets, and then there are more from the Skylanders crossover. All of these, when scanned, will summon Fury Bowser, making breaking bricks a much easier experience.

If you want to go for completion and fast, this is the way to do it in Bowser’s Fury. Just check our guide here for more on scanning amiibo in Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury.

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