How To Complete Mario Kart Tour’s Three Thwomp Challenge

One of the latest challenges in Mario Kart Tour is to take out three Thwomps, which is easier said than done.

By the time you read this, Mario Kart Tour‘s New Year Tour will be in full swing. In fact, it will have already entered its second week. That means, if you have not already done so, it’s high time you completed this tour’s three Thwomp challenge. Taking out three Thwomps is something that is easier said than done, trust us.

What Are Thwomps And Where Do You Find Them

First of all, what on Earth is a Thwomp? That might sound like a crazy question to some Mario Kart aficionados reading this. Who doesn’t know what a Thwomp is? Well, considering the sheer number of people playing Tour compared to any other previous Mario Kart game, probably quite a few people. Thwomps are the big stone blocks with faces covered in spikes that slam down on certain tracks.

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Which brings us to where you should go if you’re on the hunt for a Thwomp. There are a few tracks Thwomps call home on this current tour: Tokyo Blur 2, Bowser’s Castle, and Rainbow Road. Don’t panic if you reach the final lap, pass all the Thwomps, and you’ve only managed to take out two. The challenge does not need to be completed during just one race.

How To Take Thwomps Down

Now for the most important part of all, how to take these suckers down. There are mixed reports on which items are the most effective when knocking out a Thwomp, as merely driving into them will serve no purpose at all. Some claim green shells and bob-ombs will get the job done, but we prefer Mario Kart Tour‘s big-ticket items for something as important as this.

A Mega Mushroom, Star, or Bullet Bill should be just right for taking out a Thwomp. That means a couple of things, though. In order to get your hands on these items, it’ll be a case of hanging back at the rear of the pack and waiting for something good. Then timing will be key. If a Bullet Bill is going to be your Thwomp-killing weapon of choice, you might want to hold off on activating it until you are face to face with your stoney foe.

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