How To Do The Bronze Pack Method In FIFA 23

The Bronze Pack Method is an easy way to make coins in FIFA 23. It requires very little effort or market-knowledge, and relies solely on those brilliant 750 coin Bronze Packs you can buy in the store.

You can do the Bronze Pack Method on the game or via the web app, which also means you can be making FIFA coins while you wait for the bus. Here's how to get maximize your profits from the bronze packs.

How To Make Coins With Bronze Packs

The method is very simple, and goes like this:

  • Open a Bronze Pack from the Classic Packs section on the store
  • Check the price of every player
    • Bronze Rares can sell for anything between 250 coins to 5,100 coins, so make sure you check the price
    • Check the price of managers, kits, and badges – you never know why one might be worth more than 200 coins
  • List all common bronzes for 200 coins and they will sell eventually, even if you need to list them a couple of times
  • Discard everything else in the pack (contracts, stadiums, etc), anything not worth coins
  • Repeat until you have a transfer list full of 100 players, manager, kits, etc for sale
  • To fill your transfer list, it should take around 10-20 minutes, depending on how quickly you navigate through each pack. Repeat this over and over again, and you can make 10s thousands of coins without having to do much else. It can be a bit tedious, but coins are coins.

    How To Maximize Profit From Bronze Packs

    There are actually two ways you can try this method.

    • Sell everything – just list everything for the price it is currently at for a quick return on your coins
    • Wait for price spikes with valuable players – these are players from top leagues, like the Premier League, Ligue 1, Bundesliga, etc, and especially save them if they are rare

    Sell Everything Immediately

    Selling everything guarantees a quick return on your investment. If you get a pack with four players in that all sell for the lowest value (200 coins), you will still make a small profit even after EA takes its market tax. Add in the cost of the discarded items, sometimes 200 coins itself, plus any extra packs or coins you get, and you are making profit from each pack even if you don't get any really valuable cards.

    Wait For Price Spikes

    However, you can choose to save certain players for future SBCs when the price of these cards might skyrocket.

    • Take for example Southampton players – a recent Marquee Matchups included Southampton as a necessary player, and common/rare Bronze Southampton players spiked to 5,000 coins
    • You have no way of predicting when cards might raise in value, and it can be pretty random, but holding on to players from big teams (Liverpool, Real Madrid, etc) and from major leagues can be a good idea
    • These might also come in useful for future League SBCs

    This is a long-game method. You might not make any coins, but with selling the value of each pack you shouldn't lose any either. It's up to you which method you try out.

    Players And Managers To Look Out For

    • If you see a Brazilian manager, check the price – these are basically extinct and there is only one Rare Bronze manager, so this will sell for max coins
    • English managers also typically sell for some coins
    • Players from England's Championship League also typically sell, as well as players from major leagues: Bundesliga, Ligue 1, Premier League, Serie A, etc
    • As a default, just check the price of everything in the pack via Compare Price

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