How To Farm More XL Candy In Pokemon Go

If you’re surpassed level 40 in Pokemon Go, then you’re a serious player. You’ve been playing this for a long while, have caught thousands of Pokemon, and are only a few away from finishing off your Pokedex entirely. It takes time and dedication in order to get this far, and you’ve done an amazing job. Now it’s time to take things to the final level and ascend to level 50.

Once you get to level 40, standard Pokemon candy is no longer enough to ascend your creatures. You will need to start farming and collecting XL Candy in order to get where you need to go. XL Candy essentially replaces the standard Pokemon candy you’ll be using to level up, and then you can ascend your monsters even further than where they were when you reached level 40.

The only catch is that XL Candy may also be more difficult to earn. But that’s okay, because in this guide we’ll be breaking down everything you need to know to farm more XL Candy from your Pokemon adventures day by day. Just read below for what you need to know.

How To Farm XL Candy In Pokemon Go

One of the big problems with obtaining XL Candy before now is that there was no guaranteed way to receive XL Candy from catching Pokemon, unlike with standard candy. Now Niantic has made the change and you will be able to guarantee XL Candy in certain situations.

Now when catching a Pokemon, your chances of getting XL Candy are much higher than before, and are guaranteed when those Pokemon are evolved.

  • Base Pokemon – No XL Candy Guarantee
  • Stage one – One XL Candy Guarantee
  • Stage two – Two XL Candy Guarantee
  • Legendary – Three XL Candy Guarantee

To take advantage of the higher XL Candy drops from evolved Pokemon, you should try to get involved in raids that feature that Pokemon family more often, as you are given a near-guaranteed opportunity to catch the Pokemon and earn some candy. If you are doing the raid with friends, you can even trade the Pokemon with one another after to try and get a few more XL Candy from the event, as trading now also has a high chance of awarding you XL Candy.

This is now the fastest way to get XL Candy, but there are other methods. You can convert 100 standard candy into a single XL Candy, though this is far more standard candy than is worthwhile, unless you happen too be participating in a Community Day or event that gives you a much higher chance of catching the Pokemon you want.

Community days are especially good, as there’s even a chance of receiving XL Candy from transferring your Pokemon – but again, this is not guaranteed. If you are trying to focus on gaining XL Candy for one specific Pokemon, you should make them your Buddy, as that also gives you a chance of earning XL Candy.

Keep all of the above in mind, and you’ll have a good idea of how to use your XL Candy in the future. Oh, and remember, you need to be at least level 40 in order to start collecting XL Candy. If you’re below that level, you won’t even get the chance to start stacking and collecting them.

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