How To Fight Fury Bowser In Bowser’s Fury

Yes, Bowser is furious, but Cat Mario can handle it. In Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury the big baddie himself is outraged for some reason, and some malevolent evil goop has turned the usually evil-but-relatable tortoise dinosaur into a gigantic Godzilla-like tyrant that blast Mario with devastating fire attacks. What a bad boy.

Creatures like this need punishment, and that’s exactly what Cat Mario is destined to dish out, especially with the Giga Bell, which brings Mario up to the same size as Fury Bowser, and with a frenzy of feline abilities to boot. In this guide we’re going to cover exactly how you should be dealing damage to Fury Bowser in the several fights you’ll have with him over the runtime of Bowser’s Fury – good luck out there.

The Ground Pound

Your first fight with Fury Bowser will involve two things: Bowser shooting fire blasts at you, and then ground pounding the earth to cause shockwaves to rock Cat Mario down. You should focus on just avoiding all of those fire blasts, and when Bowser is on his back on the ground you should prepare to jump over the shockwave that will shoot out, and ground pound on his stomach while it is exposed to do damage.

The Cat Slap

In Fury Bowser’s second phase he’ll be rolling around on the ground like a pinwheel, and taking him out of this state can be very trying. But try, try, and try again, and he’ll fall. What you need to do is use Cat Mario’s swipe ability to slap Fury Bowser’s belly as he rolls past you. This will take good timing, but it’ll deal damage and make him stop rolling.

Another Giga Bell

Did you take damage? Yeah, don’t worry, it happens. Cat Mario’s abilities are very useful during this fight, and losing them can put you at a disadvantage. Luckily, you will find more Giga Bells at the Giga Bell shrines around the map. You can check your map for their location, but even in your giant form you can wander over and locate them, and power-up mid-battle.

Using His Attacks Against Him

Eventually, Fury Bowser will start hurling giant rocks at you that will stake into the ground, becoming both obstacles, and furious attacks. But you can actually use these against him, and quite easily too. You can pick up these stakes while they’re stuck in the ground, and then throw them back at Fury Bowser, which will knock him over, exposing his stomach for another vicious ground pound attack.

The above tips are all you essentially need to take down Fury Bowser, as his movement patterns don’t get much more complicated than this – until the very final battle that is, which I won’t spoil here, not quite yet. The only other moves you should be aware of are yet more attacks where Fury Bowser spits projectiles at you – and again, you should just aim to move out of the way of any such attacks as fast as possible. Good luck.

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