How To Get A Ditto Trade In Pokémon Sword & Shield

Getting your hands on a Ditto as part of a trade on Sword and Shield has basically been down to chance, until now.

As has been the nature of Pokémon games since the very first ones were released during the 1990s, some Pokémon are harder to catch than others. Which makes perfect sense, of course. If Moltres was as common as Pidgey then honestly, what would be the point? In Pokémon Sword and Shield, Ditto is notoriously hard to come by until the tail end of the game, which is frustrating for a number of reasons.

The main reason a lack of Ditto can be annoying for a trainer is breeding. The best way to land powerful Pokémon is through breeding, and the easiest way to breed your Pokémon is with a Ditto. The shapeshifting Pokémon can mimic any other creature, thus meaning you only need one of any Pokémon plus a Ditto in order to breed and create more of them that will hopefully be more powerful.

The only way trainers who haven’t come across a Ditto in the wild can get hold of one is via training. The problem with that is finding a trainer willing to trade a Ditto is ultimately down to chance, and that chance is slim. That’s why savvy players have come up with a loophole of sorts. Using the four-digit code issued to trainers in order to organize otherwise blind trades.

Redditors have assigned various codes to various Pokémon, meaning trainers just need to find the right code for the Pokémon they are looking for. When it comes to Ditto, the code is 4448. Press the Y button to enter the trade menu, click “Link Trade”, then “Set Link Code” and type the Ditto code. That should pair you with a trainer looking to trade away a Ditto.

A pretty innovative system, but not one that is guaranteed. Finding a Ditto this way will increase a trainer’s chances of landing one quite a bit, but there are still potential sticking points. For starters, finding a Ditto might take a while depending on internet speed and how many trainers are online and offering up Ditto. It also relies on finding other trainers who know about the system devised on Reddit.

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