How To Install And Start Beyond Skyrim Bruma

It’s been nearly a decade since Skyrim was first released. In that time, a passionate modding community has developed hundreds of thousands of mods for this game, ranging from silly character replacements to DLC-sized quest mods.

Beyond Skyrim: Bruma firmly sits in the latter category. Set in the northern part of Cyrodiil, players get to explore the Ayleid ruins and iconic locations that dot this snowy part of central Tamriel. Fans of Oblivion will particularly enjoy the attention to detail the Beyond Skyrim team has put in this mod. Simply put, if you’ve been yearning for more Skyrim, this mod is effectively a fan-made Skyrim DLC with the same quality as the base game. Let’s go over how Xbox and PC users can install this mod for themselves.

How To Install On Xbox One

Before we begin, PlayStation users cannot play Beyond Skyrim: Bruma due to Sony’s restrictions with modding. Only Xbox users can install this mod on their machine.

Installing Beyond Skyrim: Bruma on the Xbox One will require you to install four mods:

  1. Beyond Skyrim: Bruma
  2. Beyond Skyrim: Bruma – Assets
  3. Beyond Skyrim: Bruma – DLC Patch
  4. Beyond Skyrim: Bruma – Updates

You can find them in Skyrim’s in-game mod browser or on the website. Once you install all four mods, you’ll need to place them in a specific load order. You can open your load order by pressing the “Y” button while in Skyrim’s mod menu.

Your load order should look like this:

  • BSAssets.esm
  • BSHeartlands.esm
  • BS_DLC_patch.esp
  • BSPatch.esp

Congratulations, you just installed Beyond Skyrim: Bruma! Head to the end of the guide to learn how you can start this mod’s main quest.

How To Install On PC

PC users can either install the mod through, the same way console players install the mod, or by using Nexus Mods and a mod manager. We’ll be covering how to install this mod with a mod manager.

Download A Mod Manager

If you already own a Mod Manager, you can skip this step.

For this guide, we’ll be using Mod Organizer 2. Download Mod Organizer 2 here. You’ll need to create a Nexus account to download this file if you don’t have an account already. Once downloaded, do the following:

  1. Run the Mod Organizer 2 install wizard.
  2. When you start MO2 for the first time, select “create a global instance.”
  3. Select “Skyrim: Special Edition.” If MO2 doesn’t see it, select “browse” and designate where Skyrim is installed to.
  4. Leave the instance name as-is.
  5. Choose a path to save your instance. You can leave this as-is.
  6. Connect your Nexus account to Mod Organizer by clicking the “Connect to Nexus” button on the top left of the window. Log into Nexus Mods to complete this step.

If you’re stuck on step 3 and don’t know where Skyrim is installed, head to your Steam library. Search “Skyrim: Special Edition.” Right-click on Skyrim, hover over “manage,” then click on “browse local files.” The file browser will open a path to your Skyrim.exe file. Click on the file path at the top of the screen to copy the file path. Paste it in Mod Organizer 2 in the “browse” menu.

Download Beyond Skyrim: Bruma

The hard part is done! Downloading and installing Bruma on PC is rather straightforward.

  1. Head to the Beyond Skyrim: Bruma page on Nexus mods.
  2. In the files tab, download the “Beyond Skyrim Brume SE” and “Beyond Skyrim DLC Integration Patch” files. Select “download with manager.”
  3. In Mod Organizer 2, click on the downloads tab on the right-hand part of the manager. Double click on “Beyond Skyrim Bruma SE” to install it.
  4. Double click on “Beyond Skyrim DLC Integration Patch” to install it.
  5. Check your load order (listed below)
  6. Launch Skyrim from Mod Organizer.

Your load order should list the Bruma files in this order:

  • BSAssets.esm
  • BSHeartlands.esm
  • BS_DLC_patch.esp

You’ve just finished installing Beyond Skyrim: Bruma! Now, let’s get into how you can enter the heartland of Tamriel.

Entering Bruma

To start the mod, travel to the Pale Pass at the southern end of the map. It’s the border between Skyrim and Cyrodiil, south of Helgen. You can either speak with the Imperial guard outside the gate or sneak through a nearby cave system to cross the border. After a lengthy loading screen, you should now be in Cyrodiil. Have fun exploring!

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