How to make the Marvel Gaming Universe – Reader’s Feature


Phase 2 – The games we could have

After the success of Spider-Man, Marvel should now seek out third party developers that can create a variety of games of different genres and scale. The acquisition of Fox also opens the door for even more characters to be used. The Iron Man VR game has been announced for PlayStation VR and there is the ‘known but not shown’ Avengers game from Square Enix. but what else could be done with Marvel characters and who could do it? Here’s a few suggestions I’d love to see that veer away from the big open world model…

  • X-Men meets XCOM developed by Firaxis
  • Dr Strange meets Portal
  • Daredevil meets Superhot
  • Black Widow meets Shadow Complex
  • The Marvel Super Smash Bros. game

There must be so many developers out there with a good idea for a game and mechanics that could fit nicely with a Marvel property, who would love a bit of Disney money. What other games spring to mind?


Phase 3 – the big one; the Marvel hero shooter

Anyone who has played Overwatch and loves Marvel could put two-and-two together and come up with a game that would print money: Marvel’s live game (please let this be the Square Enix game!). Regular events could tie in with the films or comic events, bringing new skins, new maps, and new modes. The issue, however, is loot boxes and monetisation. Doing this without being greedy and charging £20 for a skin or new character could be too much to resist for any publisher.

Let’s imagine that they follow a model that is not exploitative. What would the game look like? How would it play? First or third person? Would it be free to play? I’d love a game similar to Overwatch’s cartoony style and first person perspective. However, it may have to go third person as not every character would easily fit into a first person game. Maybe a mixture of the third and first person depending on the skill used.

I’ve given this a lot of thought (too much!) and went and designed character abilities for almost 50 heroes and villains, suggested locations, and sourced images for skins. So here’s a few suggestions for how characters would work. I’ve described some skills in the context of Overwatch abilities to give a clearer idea of how it could work:


Captain America

Primary: Shield melee

Secondary: N/A

Ability 1: Charge. Sprint with shield protecting torso and neck, restricted view.

Ability 2: Shield plant. Extends a breakable shield in a 3-metre radius, cannot move while shield is deployed; shield can absorb 1000 damage.

Ability 3: Shield throw. Cap throws his shield horizontally. Can hit multiple targets in a straight line. Shield does not return or need to be picked up; it respawns on his back. Short cool down, 3-4 seconds.

Passive: Shake it off. Cap slowly recovers health over time.

Ultimate 1: Assemble. Buffs damage of near buy teammates. Appears as his shield on the ground. Think Lucio health/speed boost but with a smaller radius, same effect as Orisa buff.

Ultimate 2: Shield throw. Throws shield at hits multiple targets. Think McCree’s ultimate.

Health: 250


Iron Man

Primary: Hand beam, firing from alternate hands.

Secondary: N/A

Ability 1: Take off. Iron Man launches into the air using his hand and feet thrusters.

Ability 2: Hover. Continued use reduces suits power until hover cannot be sustained. F.R.I.D.A.Y. gives warnings on power consumption at 50% and 25%.

Ability 3: Shoulder rocket. Takes 1 second to acquire target then tracks them.

Passive: N/A

Ultimate 1: Chest beam. One continuous beam. When used in the air hovers in place. Think Pharah’s Ultimate. When used on the ground Iron Man can move at -50% movement speed. Looks like Moira’s ultimate.

Ultimate 2: Hulk Buster. Calls F.R.I.D.A.Y. to deliver the Hulk Buster armour. Drop zone is selected similar to Doomfist’s ultimate. While calling in the armour Iron Man is vulnerable, think Junkrat using his ultimate. Iron Man must fly to the armour to access it. Hulk Buster armour has 1,000 damage, is slower, can rocket jump but not hover causing damage when landing. Primary becomes rocket punch melee. Secondary fires more rockets at a targeted area but does not track or acquire a target.

Health: 50 plus 200 armour


These were a lot of fun to create. To see the full designs google Nathimusprime on Reddit and view the posts (I couldn’t think of a better place to put it so it could be viewed easily). Hope you enjoy!

By reader Nathan

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