How To Max Your Health In Red Dead Online

There’s nothing more embarrassing than mouthing off in the local saloon, giving it large, only to have someone knock you out in one hit. Well, you can solve this problem quite easily. In Red Dead Online, at least. If you increase your Health stat you’ll be part outlaw, part tank, before tanks were even invented.

Health is actually a relatively easy stat to improve, it’s just that none of the methods required to increase it are obvious. But, that’s why guides exist. So read on to find out how to turn your outlaw into the Hulk.

Health determines how much of a battering you can take before dying. Having the maximum is essential for PvP as it allows you to survive just a tiny bit longer, allowing you to duck behind cover or turn and blast the enemy in the face.

The most profitable way to raise your Health is to go fishing. For every fish you catch, you’ll get 20 Health XP. You can then also sell those fish for a tidy profit. Brawns and brains all in one package. This is a bit time-consuming, and some of you may find the fishing to be dull, but pop some music or a podcast on and just fish away some days and your Health and wallet will be full in no time.

If you prefer a more active way to beef up, melee weapons should become your new best friend. Killing enemies with your bare hands in brawls will give you a Health boost, as will using knives and axes to dispatch foes. Throwing knives and tomahawks will work just as well, so don’t worry about having to get up in everyone’s business.

The most fun way to increase your Health is by using a bow and arrow constantly. Every kill you get with this weapon will net you some Health XP, and standard XP. It’s pretty cheap, too, as you can recover arrows from dead bodies. You can also loot enemies to make some cash. Just make sure you always have a bow handy. A good strategy is to use it to thin the ranks of a hideout or some other location without alerting everyone. Then, when it all goes to pot and you get spotted you can switch to guns. Or, be a real stealth-archer and just keep shooting arrows point-blank.

Really, the best way to increase your Health stat is a combination of these methods, as that will stop anything from becoming boring or stale. Gear up for a fishing trip, take your bow and tomahawks with you, catch some fish, stealth-archer and hatchet murder some bandits on the way back. Getting headshots with the bow will also get you bonus Health XP, so try and aim for their eyes while firing arrows at them.

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