Huge God Of War Axe Turns Up In Kuwait As Sony Hints At Announcement Soon

Following a similar promotion in London, Sony installed a giant replica of the Leviathan axe from God of War Ragnarok in Kuwait City, further fueling fan speculation that some related announcements might follow.

Several pictures of the installation art have been shared by PlayStation's official Arabia Twitter account. According to the source, visitors can take their own pictures of the sculpture at Marina Crescent in Salmiya. Kratos' iconic axe will wait for you there until February 6, before potentially being moved to another country. It's all a part of "Live from PS5" event that kicked off recently, but we're yet to find out if there's something related to the God of War series' future behind all these hints.

While it might be tempting to expect that Ragnarok will get a continuation in the form of DLC soon, the odds are pretty low at this point. The original 2018 game never got any expansions and, back in November, game director Eric Williams said the developers "put everything [they] had" into the sequel, and ruled out any potential DLC. However, that was before God of War Ragnarok had sold over 11 million units across PS4 and PS5 in just three months. Considering such an enormous success, there's always the possibility that Santa Monica Studio will change its mind.

What's more likely here, however, is that Sony might be heating up the audience before announcing the inevitable PC port of the critically acclaimed sequel. The original game has been available on PC since last year, launching to 'Overwhelmingly Positive' player scores on Steam alongside some strong sales numbers.

With the company's current policy regarding launching its first-party games across PC, nothing prevents Ragnarok from joining the ranks of Spider-Man, Horizon Zero Dawn, Days Gone, Returnal, Uncharted, and even The Last of Us. The only question is when.

As of now, the PC version of Ragnarok remains unconfirmed officially. Here's hoping that cloak of secrecy will be lifted rather soon for fans to discover what's coming up for Kratos next.

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