I Was A Teenage Exocolonist: How To Get A Job In Auntie Seedant’s Kitchen

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Every job holds value in I Was A Teenage Exocolonist, whether you excel in the classroom, hold your own in battle, or find pleasure in the culinary arts. If our mention of culinary skills enticed you, a job in Auntie Seedant's kitchen may be a perfect fit!

Unlike other jobs, like shoveling dirt or delivering supplies, you'll need some experience to earn a delicious kitchen job. In particular, you need to prove your responsibility to Auntie Seedant, so you'll have to become quite organized. Luckily, if you can meet those credentials, she'll employ you in a fulfilling job that significantly increases empathy and creativity.

What Skills Do I Need To Work In The Kitchen?

As Auntie Seedent suggests, the kitchen needs "Someone young. Someone responsible. Someone organized." So, organizing is the primary skill required to become Auntie Seedent's assistant. You'll need twenty organizing points to volunteer for kitchen duties.

Where Can I Build This Skill?

Organizing is a tricky skill to come by when beginning your playthrough. Of all the entry-level activities available, only supply delivery at Command grants organizing points. Therefore, you should apply for a delivery job as soon as possible.

However, to apply for a delivery job, you'll need either Toughness or Organizing stats of ten points or more. So, unless you create a character with inherent organization skills, you'll have to work on your toughness. The quickest way to earn toughness points is by shoveling dirt in Geoponics, which grants three toughness points for your efforts (even more if you win the card challenge).

Once you gain the skills necessary to apply, go to Command and interview with Chief Administrator Seeq. They'll grill you on your qualifications. However, your answer does not seem to affect the interview's outcome. So, you will get the job.

Delivering supplies grants at least two organizing points a month. So you'll have to dedicate some time to this position to gain enough points to access kitchen work.

How Will I Unlock The Kitchen Job?

Auntie Seedant's kitchen job will not become available until after your thirteenth birthday. Then, the next time you take on a task in the Living Quarters, whether resting or performing a job like babysitting, you'll get approached by Auntie Seedant.

During this short story event, Auntie Seedant will scout the room for volunteers. So, once presented with the opportunity, choose to volunteer instead of ignoring her. Then, the cooking assistant job is yours!

Kitchen Job Details: What Can I Learn And How Much Does It Pay?

If you wish to develop social skills, like empathy and creativity, helping in the kitchen is an easy way to cultivate some. You'll also build your friendship with Tammy, who admires Auntie Seedant's work in the cafeteria and children's creche.

Here's a breakdown of what this job has to offer:

Skills+2 Empathy +2 Creativity
Relationships+1 Friendship with Tammy
Pay+7 Kudos
Stress+10 Stress

Additionally, the kitchen job offers opportunities to gain new memory cards as you continue to spend time there. For instance, Auntie Seedant may ask you to test a new ingredient, or you may have to negotiate how to incorporate a new menu item. Cards we've gained while helping Auntie Seedant include:

  • Suit: Social (yellow)
  • Value: Three points
  • Effects: +3 during social challenges
Are Those Edible?
  • Suit: Wild
    • Gem card
  • Value: Three points
Iron Stomach
  • Suit: Physical (red)
  • Value: Four points

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