I Was A Teenage Exocolonist: How To Unlock And Use Autoplay Fairy

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We can all use a helping hand now and again. For instance, we've spent plenty of time shuffling cards around in I Was A Teenage Exocolonist, searching for the perfect hand. But did you know you can unlock a special assistant to find better card hands?

The Autoplay Fairy is a special perk that can sometimes play the best card hand for you. This feature is a handy tool when you're stumped during a card challenge or wish to check your work. However, you'll have to put some work in to unlock it. So follow the fairy dust and keep reading to learn more!

How To Unlock The Autoplay Fairy

The Autoplay Fairy is a Reasoning Level 2 perk, which means you must earn 66 reasoning points to unlock it. Luckily, reasoning skill points are common, especially if you're intellectually inclined or friends with intellectually inclined people like Tang.

Childhood Memories That Add Reasoning Points

When choosing childhood memories, there are several opportunities to beef up your reasoning skills. Consider these choices when compiling your character; you can get a head start on your grind.

Genetic Enhancement Absorbent Brain +10 Reasoning
Childhood Friend Tangent First Playthrough: +10 Reasoning, Following Playthroughs: +5
Fourth Birthday Gift Learning Tablet From Professor Hal +5 Reasoning

With these choices, you'll start your playthrough with twenty reasoning points. That's already more than enough to enroll in the Engineering class, which is a significant reasoning booster.

Activities That Earn Reasoning Points

If you seek reasoning, you'll spend most of your time in the Engineering wing taking classes with Professor Hal and Chief Instance. We recommend beginning with the Life Sciences and Engineering classes. Then, once you turn thirteen, apply for a tutoring job. Here are the complete stats for each activity.

Activity Requirements Stats
Life Sciences Class No requirements. Just talk to your father at the beginning of the game.
  • Skills: +2 Biology, +1 Reasoning
  • Relationships: +1 Friendship with Tangent
  • Stress: +15 Stress
Engineering Class Need five reasoning points
  • Skills: +1 Engineering, +2 Reasoning
  • Relationships: +1 Friendship with Tangent
  • Stress: +15 Stress
Tutoring Must be at least thirteen and have thirty reasoning points
  • Skills: +3 Reasoning, +1 Empathy
  • Relationships: +1 Friendship with Nomi-Nomi
  • Kudos: +12 Kudos
  • Stress: +10 Stress

How To Use The Autoplay Fairy

Once you unlock the Autoplay Fairy, you will see a brain with wings in the lower-left corner of card challenges. Just click on the flying brain icon to have the fairy do its thing. However, you can only use this perk once per challenge​​​​​​, so employ it wisely, especially in multi-round story challenges.

Finding A Better Hand

If the autoplay fairy can find another hand, it will automatically rearrange your cards into that hand. For example, refer to the images below. In this card challenge, the first hand amounted to twenty-four points. However, our hand total increased to twenty-five after using the autoplay fairy.

This result may seem small, but it decreased the amount of stress to push through this challenge by five points! So, even if defeat is a guarantee, the autoplay fairy can soften the blow.

What Happens If I Already Have The Best Possible Hand?

Will the autoplay fairy change your card hand if you already have the best score possible? Fortunately, it will not. Instead, a message will pop up informing you that your score is the best it can be. So you can close out your card challenge with confidence.

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