Ikonei Island: Where To Find All Vendors

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Within the central plaza in Ikonei Island: An Earthlock Adventure, you will see four stone platforms. These are the location of future shops; to unlock the shop, you will first need to find the vendor and build the structure. If you are unsure about where to find these vendors, we are here to help.

In this guide, we are going to go over where you can find the four vendors who occupy the central plaza. Additionally, we will take a look at where you can find Frogboy. Once you find each vendor, it's important to know that they will not automatically move to the plaza. You will need to complete their shop; until then, the vendor will remain at the original location where you found them.

Ikonei Island: An Earthlock Adventure is currently in Early Access on Steam and as such, the content is subject to change. We will update these articles as required.


As mentioned above, Sariel is most likely the first NPC that you will come across. Compared to the other vendors, she is close to the main plaza. From the plaza, head left up a slight hill until you come to a small clearing. Sariel will be here; you can talk with her to complete a quick quest and obtain free farming equipment.

Once the farmhouse has been built, Sariel will move in. This is located in the lower right corner of the plaza. All of the vendors will also have a rotating stock, consisting of unique items such as furniture, so be sure to check back daily for new deals.


Next, we have Milas. This vendor can be found on the right-hand side of the island. To get here, you will need to head south from the clearing with the first shrine. This will take you to the River Pastures. If this is your first time here, you can find the first pirate outpost to the right; clearing the outpost will give you access to Longhorns. This is a creature that can destroy rocks for you.

Continuing through to the right will take you to the resting place of the Longhorns, where you can find a bridge that needs to be repaired crossing over the river. Repairing this bridge will take you to the other side, where you can find Milas.

Milas can also be reached by going around the river on the southern bank of the island. While this is a good method, we recommend fixing the bridge, so you can use it anytime that you want.

After completing a few small quests, Milas will request a place to stay; this is the upper right building on the plaza. Once built, he will move in and sell you a variety of weapon-related items, as well as have a daily rotating stock.


Unlike the other vendors, you will need to build C.A.T. in addition to building his workshop. C.A.T. is the mech, which can be assembled in Blossom Meadows. You can find more information in our guide on assembling the mech.

After you have found all three pieces of the mech, C.A.T. will ask for you to repair the workshop. This is the upper left building on the plaza. Once built, C.A.T. will move in and sell you crafting-related items. This is a very helpful shop, so we recommend building the workshop and assembling the mech as soon as you can.


The final vendor that resides in the plaza is Fiola. This NPC is a bit more difficult to get to. The easiest way to get here is teleporting to the shrine just south of the location marked on the map, and walking down the staircase to the Sunless Horn. This staircase will need to be repaired first before you can use this passage.

If you have never been this way before, you can take a look at the steps below.

  1. Head west through Blossom Meadow until the path curves south and comes to a river.
  2. Cross the river and continue heading west until you see another bridge crossing the river heading north.
  3. Take this bridge and follow the path all the way to the summit of this mountain area, where you will find the shrine.
  4. Once repaired, you can easily teleport to this location without retracing your steps.

Alternatively, you can take a longer route to Fiola. This path will take you all the way through the Sunless Horn, starting from a staircase that can be found just north of where Milas is found.

Repairing this staircase will allow you to path through to a small lake. Going past this lake, you will see the entrance to the snowy area. From here, all you need to do is continue heading west until you make it to Fiola.

Fiola will ask for you to complete a small quest before tasking you with repairing her shop. This is the last shop in the plaza, found in the lower left corner. Once repaired, Fiola will move in and begin to sell art and decoration-related items.


Frogboy is a vendor on Ikonei Island, but he is not found in your central plaza for long. At the start of the game, he will automatically be standing here alongside a box that you can sell stuff in. Soon, Frogboy will disappear and set up his shop elsewhere.

You can find Frogboy's new location in Froglet Grove, shown on the map above. Frogboy has a variety of unique items available for purchase. If you are looking to sell to him, you will not need to travel all the way to Froglet Grove, you can just place items in the box at your plaza. Items placed here will be converted into Frogboy Coins every day at 6 am.

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