Industry Analyst Suggests PS5 Will Outsell Xbox Series X By Double

According to a new report by Ampere Analysis’ Piers Harding-Rolls, Sony’s PlayStation 5 will “far outsell” competitor Xbox Series X nearly two-to-one. The Head of Games Research at the UK firm is convinced the PS5 will come out on top in the next-gen console war.

Although both new consoles afford gamers the ability to play games in 8K resolution, Sony has opted for a futuristic design, while Microsoft’s Xbox Series X features a more minimalist box shape. Harding-Rolls estimates that by the end of 2024, 66 million PS5 units will be in the hands of gamers, compared to 37 million Xbox Series X units.

Ampere Analysis, a market-leading data, research and analytics firm, specializing in media, content, and communications, has developed a study that pits the two consoles against each other. Harding-Rolls, considered a go-to analyst for games industry knowledge, believes that the PS5 will take the lead straight out of the gate, selling 4.6 million units this year, compared to 3.3 million for the Xbox Series X.

Sony, which already holds a market lead over Microsoft, will benefit from its numerous PS5 exclusives and “global brand allegiance.” The PS5 will be available in two different models, including an all-digital edition, which leaves behind the disc-tray and UHD Blu-ray player. Meanwhile, Microsoft, which has partnered with Electronic Arts (EA), will offer Game Pass subscribers access to the EA Play subscription that features numerous EA titles.

In terms of pricing, nothing has been announced by Sony, but experts expect that the PS5 models will be listed at $499 and $599, respectively. Xbox Series X, the more expensive and powerful of Microsoft’s consoles, is launching on November 10 for $499. The Xbox Series S costs $299.

The two PS5 models are projected to be available for end-of-year holiday sales.

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