Iratus: Lord Of The Dead – Wrath Of The Necromancer DLC Enemy & Boss Guide

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The Wrath Of The Necromancer DLC for Iratus: Lord Of The Dead adds new enemies to each of the dungeon's floors, and replaces all the bosses except the Grand Magister with much more challenging foes. Even if you've completed the original campaign, the new enemies are tougher than any you've faced before.

Even master necromancers can easily fall to bosses like the Steam Machines or the Bounty Hunter if they aren't prepared. Use this guide to learn the best tactics for fighting your way to the top once again and securing your rule over the world of the living!


Ogres will appear in the Mines alongside the area's other advanced enemies like Atamans and Doomsayers. You'll know them when you see them – they take up two positions in the enemy lineup. Ogres hit like a ton of bricks, and any Minion that is struck by their club risks being destroyed. While they have no defenses to speak of, Ogres have an incredibly high Vigor and Sanity, so killing one will require a concerted effort from your entire team.

A Bone Golem is a very effective counter to an Ogre. They have enough Vigor to withstand a few of the Ogre's blows, and can provide Blocks for any Minions who need it. Once the Bone Golem has taken a few hits, send it to the front and use Maim to reduce the Ogre's attack power.

If you haven't yet unlocked Bone Golems, a Shade can help keep your team alive. Black Light will reduce the Ogre's decidedly average Accuracy, and Trick Of The Eye can boost the Evasion of key Minions to make it very unlikely that the big guy will land a strike. Ogres hit hard enough that you can't rely on Armor to save your Minions, so plan your strategy around avoiding attacks and weakening them whenever possible.


The Mistress is, in many ways, the polar opposite of the Keymaster she replaces. Like the original boss of the Mines, the Mistress relies on her bodyguards to protect her from harm. However, she has a limited supply of them and is extremely weak once she's isolated.

If you have a Minion capable of removing buffs, they'll be a big help since the Mistress liberally enhances her followers.

Damaging the Mistress will cause all of her bodyguards to immediately attack the offending Minion. This includes Stress damage, and renders the boss effectively untouchable until her bodyguards are dealt with. Use single-target attacks to pick off her bodyguards one by one. Start with the Headsman and Miner, then eliminate Hunky before going in for the kill.


Automatons look imposing, but are among the easier enemies to handle in Iratus if you know how to do so. Their steam-powered machine gun fires multiple weak attacks each turn, so Minions with an Armor of ten or higher are effectively immune. Automaton mines are much more dangerous, dealing moderate to heavy damage after a brief delay. Use that time to move vulnerable Minions away from the mine or find a way to take advantage of the incoming damage.

Automatons have decent Armor, but their comparatively low damage output means they mostly act as a wall between you and the support units behind them. Use long-range Minions like Brides or Infected to pick off the Dwarves behind the Automaton and you can finish off the machine at your leisure. You may even be able to get some heals in during that time!

Steam Machines

The Steam Machines are a pair of mechanical suits of armor that share a combined Vigor and Sanity total. This means that destroying one automatically eliminates the other, but you'll be stuck dealing with both of the machines throughout the fight. The Steam Machine Mk2 (the brass-colored one) has a high Armor, while the Mk3 (the silver one) has a high resistance. If you can't eliminate or ignore these defense altogether you can at least direct your attacks where they'll do the most damage.

SInce the machines share Vigor, attacks that strike multiple opponents at once will effectively deal double damage. A Zombie's Bombardment is especially useful in this fight for this reason, particularly if it's been strengthened with More Powder beforehand.

This pair is among the game's most difficult bosses. The primary challenge in defeating the Steam Machines is their extreme damage output. Each machine attacks three times per turn, often focusing fire on a single Minion. Between Armor debuffs, Ignite, and the bosses' unrelenting attacks, it's not unreasonable to expect that you'll lose a Minion or two in this fight.

A Bone Golem can absorb a lot of damage, but the Steam Machines like to spread the pain around, so you may find it difficult to draw their fire. Use the Golem's Bone Armor to protect your most vulnerable Minions, and attack with Maim to reduce the bosses' damage output. When the Bone Golem reaches critical levels of Vigor, don't hesitate to use Self-Destruct if it will put you over the finish line.

A great target for Bone Armor is a Black Widow, who can reduce the bosses' attack power with Silken Pull. Alternate between debuffing both enemies; since the effect lasts for two turns you can keep it on them at all times this way. Each use of any Black Widow ability also inflicts stacks of Spider Venom, which will take a percentage of the pair's shared Vigor and Sanity each turn.

A Blood Phantasm makes a great support unit in this battle, but will probably need to be replaced once it's over. Before the fight, upgrade Transfusion to Rage Injection and use it any time the Phantasm is targeted with a delayed attack – this will heal and buff your other Minions. Otherwise, have the Blood Phantasm spread Mark Of Retribution around your team to punish the Steam Machines every time they attack.

Fallen Knight

This fully-armored warrior stands literally head and shoulders above his allies. His enormous hammer lets him hit two to four Minions at a time, and every time he takes damage his attacks become stronger. His most glaring vulnerability is his Accuracy, which is average at best. Since Shades can both boost your Minions' Evasion and debuff the Fallen Knight's Accuracy, they are a great choice for dealing with the big guy.

Equip Iratus with a Smoke Bomb before entering battle against a Fallen Knight, especially if you run into an Elite. The reduction to his Accuracy will help protect your Minions and trigger the Shade's retaliation more often.

Fallen Knights protect any allies behind them with a fifty percent chance to take hits for them. This can make it difficult to pull Scouts and Bards out of position, so try using attacks that hit multiple foes when possible. If a Werewolf or Dhampir can remove the Fallen Knight's defenses, he'll be much easier to defeat.

Bounty Hunter

The alternate boss of the Mercenary Barracks takes up two positions on the battlefield and is accompanied by a Barbarian and a Crossbowman. Defeating his bodyguards will only cause him to summon more, so it's best to focus on bringing down the boss himself. However, the Bounty Hunter has a fifty percent chance of redirecting attacks against him to one of his allies, so this is easier said than done.

Attacks like the Dhampir's Sundering Squall or the Bone Golem's Mutilate are fair choices against the Bounty Hunter, since if they are redirected they will still be useful against his troops. Attacks that hit multiple opponents are also good, and can help wear down the enemy team's Blocks and Wards.

The Bounty Hunter has a unique attack pattern; each turn, he gets a stack of Sniff Out regardless of which moves he uses, giving himself two extra points of Initiative per stack. When he has five stacks accumulated, he will remove them and attack your entire team by unleashing his pack of hunting dogs.

The Bounty Hunter heals based on the amount of damage his hounds deal with his ultimate attack. If you're not careful, you can lose Minions and watch the boss's health bar refill in a single heartbreaking moment. The key to preventing this is to have a Mummy with Absorb Power. This skill removes all buffs on the enemy team, including Sniff Out; have the Mummy use Absorb Power every turn while the rest of your team focuses on wearing down the Bounty Hunter and mitigating the damage from his bodyguards.


Fighting alongside the magic-heavy troops of the Catacombs, Wurms can prove hard to damage initially thanks to their multiple Blocks and Wards. They also have an extremely high Resistance, so physical attacks are the way to go if you don't have a way of mitigating that stat.

The creature uses magical attacks exclusively, so bringing Minions with lots of Wards will give you protection early in the fight. After that, troops with high Resistance like Zombies and Dark Knights can weather the Wurm's attacks with relative ease, especially if they're backed up with healing from an Unfrozen.

The Unfrozen are especially useful against Wurms, as they can remove Ignite from fellow Minions. The monster's breath weapons will usually set a Minion on fire when they connect, so putting your troops on ice will keep them fresh.

The Wurm is capable of removing buffs, Armor, and Resistance from your Minions but doesn't do a lot of direct damage itself. Eliminate the beast's allies first so that you don't have to worry about powerful hits that you can't defend.

Mad Scientist

Like the Bounty Hunter before him, the DLC boss of the Catacombs effectively requires a Mummy with Absorb Power if you hope to defeat him. The Mad Scientist places powerful buffs on his bodyguards, making already-dangerous foes like the Failed Experiment especially deadly. Additionally, the Mad Scientist himself gains a stacking buff every time he uses an ability. Each stack restores two percent of his Vigor and Sanity each turn, so if you don't have a way to clear the stacks you'll never be able to keep up with his healing factor.

A Mummy, Ghoul, Dhampir, and Unfrozen make a great combo for handling the Mad Scientist. The Dhampir can quickly wear down the boss's Blocks and Wards with her Wrath abilities and apply two permanent debuffs that remove his Armor and Resistance. Once that's done, the Mummy and Unfrozen can pull the Mad Scientist to the front, where he won't be able to force his bodyguards to take hits for him. The pair can then alternate Absorb Power and Purging Blizzard to negate the enemy team's buffs.

When the Mummy isn't using Absorb Power, he can use Clinging Wraps or one of its upgrades from the back to damage the boss and apply Luck debuffs. Between Purging Blizzard, Clinging Wraps, and the debuffs from the Dhampir, the Mad Scientist becomes a juicy target for the Ghoul's Savage Instincts, which deals extra damage for every buff and debuff on the target.

Once your combo is in place, wear down the boss at your leisure. Use Digest, Aim For The Heart, and Cold Embrace to heal your team as needed, and the Mad Scientist should fall before you in short order.


Like most of the enemies in the Cathedral, the Cavalryman can be formidable if you're not ready for him but by this point in the game you should have all the tools you need to counter him effectively. This mounted knight's primary attack is a trampling charge that deals moderate physical damage to your entire team. Blocks and Armor will mitigate the worst of this, and having a Werewolf or Dhampir remove the Cavalryman's Armor makes defeating him a matter of patience.

Be sure to have defensive Minions at the front of your lineup when fighting the Cavalryman. He occasionally has his horse kick your front Minions, dealing around sixty damage and knocking them to the back of the formation. If you're exceptionally unlucky, he'll perform this attack twice. His Accuracy is high enough that dodging isn't usually an option, so consider having a Dark Knight or Bone Golem to tank this hit if you don't have many Blocks available.

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