It Looks Like Destiny 2’s Dawning Community Quest Is Going To Fail

The Dawning is in full swing in Destiny 2, the annual holiday-themed event that sees Guardians bake the disassembled bits of their enemies into cookies to hand over to NPCs in exchange for guns. Lots of guns.

This year’s Dawning is a little different from previous iterations. There’s a community goal that Guardians are all working towards by harvesting a new resource called “Dawning Spirit.” It’s easy enough to come by–just baking cookies generates Dawning Spirit, as does completing the Dawning bounties and personal quest steps.

However, we know from dataminers that the Destiny 2 community needs to generate 1 billion Dawning Spirit to complete the community goal, and it looks like the community is going to fall well short of this lofty goal.

Forbes’ Paul Tassi did the math and found that players are collectively generating roughly 37.5 million Dawning Spirit per day. Since the event is three weeks long, that means players are likely to have generated a little less than 800 million Dawning Spirit by the time the event ends on January 5.

Now, there are certain things that might help push the community over the edge. The holiday break combined with folks staying home instead of visiting friends and loved ones due to the pandemic is sure to mean more players on Destiny 2 servers, and that means more people generating Dawning Spirit. Also, more people could equip the Exotic Ship that was handed out as part of the Dawning personal quest, which generates Dawning Spirit all on its own.

But if those two things don’t come together, then Bungie will have to massage the numbers before The Dawning ends in order for everyone to get the grand prize.

We still don’t even know what that prize is, though. It might be a surprise Exotic, maybe a cut scene, or maybe it’s the new Whisper-style mission that will let Guardians start rolling different versions of Hawkmoon.

Whatever it is, Bungie is likely going to need to do something in order for any of us to find out.

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