It looks like Sony has another secret PlayStation 5 game in the works

Earlier this year, we reported that President of Sony's Worldwide Studios, Shuhei Yoshida, had been on a world tour, talking to studios and seemingly shoring up PlayStation projects as our collective attention starts to turn from the PS4 to the PS5.

One of the studios Yoshida visited was the Finish developer, Housemarque.

Housemarque is known for creating Resogun – a successful and popular PS4 launch title that cemented the developer as one of the best arcade-game studios out there.

This week, thanks to an interview with Mikael Haveri from Housemarque, speaking to , we may know more about the potential future plans of the Finnish studio.

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According to a translated version of the interview, Haveri notes that the studio is currently working on an 'unannounced triple-A game' alongside Stormdivers, the Battle Royale it announced early in 2019.

Haveri is sketchy on the details, but confirms that a 'really big team' is working on the other project right now.

He explains that, for Housemarque, it may be the biggest team working on one game the studio has ever seen.

"Stormdivers had a maximum of 40 people, but now about 60 to 70 people are working on this new thing," he reveals.

"Who knows, but it's obviously bigger than something we've done so far. I cannot wait for the future to talk more about it. But what we do now is that we are growing, recruiting a lot of talent from around the world, and then in a way we try to transform what Housemarque describes, maintaining the essence of arcade gameplay.

"So for us it is a big change."

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It's nice to know that this next project spiritually falls in line with past games that have made Housemarque so unique – Resogun, Alienation and Super Stardust are some of the highest-regarded arcade titles out there, and it's reassuring to know the studio isn't moving too far away from that.

As for the game being a Sony PlayStation 5 launch title? Haveri doesn't confirm anything, but when asked by the site if Housemarque is working on another launch title from Sony, he replies:

"That is a very good question. Although I think you already know the answer, which I cannot comment very much on."

We'll keep you updated whenever we hear more about this mystery game.

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