Jeff Goldblum Plays An Elven Sorcerer In Upcoming Dungeons & Dragons Podcast

Jeff Goldblum is going to feature in the upcoming season of Dungeon and Dragons’ podcast Dark Dice. The Jurassic Park star will be voicing one of the characters in the audio show.

This decision made by Goldblum seems a bit peculiar at the moment, as his very own show on Disney+ The World According to Jeff Goldblum just got renewed for a second season. Goldblum will be the voice behind Balmur, an elven sorcerer, and he will be a part of a five-player team going up against other teams and challenges along their journey of saving the world. Dungeon and Dragons is a tabletop fantasy RPG, and the podcast Dark Dice follows suit in that genre – with it being a sound-based show instead of a game.

The news was broken by the show’s own Twitter page, as the announcement tweet welcomed Jeff Goldblum to the team – also mentioning what character he will be playing.

The show is known for its top-of-the-line sound setup, with immersive background music to set the scene, along with usage of proper ancient instruments to give it that mysterious and mythical vibe. Their original soundtrack even features an orchestra – and to top all that, they actually have a choir singing live in Icelandic, Infernal and Elvish to fit the theme perfectly.

The show’s new season is going to be called The Long March, and will be released on all major podcast streaming platforms on the 12th of May. An interesting fact about Dark Dice is that most of its funding comes from fans, as its primarily crowd-sourced for production, which is handled by Fools and Scholars Productions. Headed by a couple, the wife handles the writing aspect of their shows, with the husband overseeing the production part. They’ve also produced two other audio shows before Dark Dice, which means that they have plenty of expertise in the industry.

Dark Dice starts with six players who embark on a journey in an attempt to save children, but they end up in the territory of the nameless god, as they try to overcome the adversities thrown their way.

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