Keith Baker Announces Frontiers of Eberron: Threshold RPG Sourcebook

Tabletop roleplaying game designer and fantasy novelist Keith Baker recently announced that his next RPG sourcebook will be Frontiers of Eberron: Threshold, and will feature content focused on campaign info for the Breland-Droaam border region of Eberron. The book is currently planned to launch through the Dungeon Masters Guild in 2021.

The announcement was made via Baker’s most excellent blogsite in the Frontiers of Eberron post, with Baker presenting the reveal and few other details in this early stage. He does add that a full chapter will be written for the border town of Threshold, the book will also contain “expanded locations, power groups, adventures hooks, and monsters that can be found on the frontier, along with a host of character options.”

Baker also blogs that the sourcebook team consists of himself, Laura Hirsbrunner, Wayne Chang, and Will Brolley, each an accomplished tabletop roleplaying game content creator. Baker adds that “an expanded group of playtesters” will also be involved, and you can expect to see more info in the coming months, which will surely be posted to his blogsite. If you’d rather not wait for the info to come to you, Baker invites you to his Patreon, where you can join to get early info and “participate in the polls and questions that will shape the Threshold campaign” for only $6 a month.

In the rest of the blog post, Baker recaps a few accomplishments that his company KB Presents achieved in 2020. Exploring Eberron was released in July, in which Baker and team extensively detailed the lore and lands of Eberron, including new class archetypes, races and sub-races, magic items, focus items for dragonmarks, and new possible friends and definite foes. During that time, Baker writes that inspiration struck again, and an “outline for a new book, codenamed FOES, was discussed”, as well as beginning “development work on a project codenamed Fool’s Gold”. This project, now named Project: Fool’s Platinum, is “still in development and on the production slate”, and is currently scheduled to be released in early 2022.

The blog post has more info for you to check out, including brief info on Eberron: Confidential, and Baker’s Threshold campaign he’s DMing for his Patreon supports. And if you’re looking for more Eberron material for your own campaigns, this is the site you need to read.

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