Kid LAROI Reportedly Hosting A Fortnite Concert Later This Month

Anyone thinking that Fortnite was going to ease its way into the new year would be wrong, according to a new leak. As reported by Insider Gaming, sources speaking to the publication say that Epic's battle royale game will host a Kid LAROI concert later in January.

According to those sources, the concert will take place January 24 or January 25, just a few days after the rumored Dead Space X Fortnite collaboration. Music broadcast during the show will remain in-game for one month following the concert, similar to previous concerts Fortnite has hosted.

We don't know for sure, but we can likely expect new in-game cosmetics commemorating the concert, such as emotes, back bling, and outfits.

Kid Laroi is quite the get for Fortnite to spring into 2023. The 19-year-old Australian singer was catapulted to stardom in 2020 with high-profile collaborations with Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, and Juice Wrld. His song "Stay" broke into the top ten of Billboard's Hot 100 and he's currently listed as the 88th most popular artist on Spotify with 34 million monthly listeners. He also joins a long and storied list of artists that have put on virtual concerts in Fortnite, including Ariana Grande, Travis Scott, Marshmello, and J Balvin.

We'll have to wait for Epic to provide official confirmation before we start bookin' off dates, but it's definitely something to keep in mind for later this month.

In other Fortnite news, players are divided over whether the Shockwave Hammer is a worthy addition to the game. Introduced in Season 1 of Chapter 4, the Shockwave Hammer emits its titular shockwave after striking the ground and is capable of launching players a significant distance. It can also be used to propel the wielder across the map with far greater speed than usual. The Shockwave Hammer has many proponents, but it also has quite a few critics that say the weapon is glitchy and tends to miss what appear to be dead-on hits.

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