Kingdom Hearts Fans Are Sharing The Series’ Worst Quotes

Kingdom Hearts fans have been sharing some of the worst quotes from the series, including such hard-hitters as "That was undeniable proof that we totally owned you lamers", and "SUFFER".

If there's one thing that's universally known about Kingdom Hearts, it's that its story can be a little… messy. From its complicated subplots that make playing every unnumbered title a necessary thing to introducing elements like time travel and somehow cheating death, it can be a challenge to follow Kingdom Hearts on the best of days. To make matters worse, Kingdom Hearts has some pretty infamously cringe, weird, and outright bad quotes that fans are eagerly taking the chance to roast.

Over on the Kingdom Hearts subreddit, Redditor SuperLegenda started the conversation off by asking everyone what lines in the series do they outright dislike. As a Kingdom Hearts fan myself, we thrive on lovingly making fun of the series and its massive ups and downs at any moment, which means the thread was quick to be filled with some of the worst and weirdest quotes that Kingdom Hearts has to offer.

One of the most popular comments on the thread shares a set of quotes as the worst in the series – any time Riku mentions his weird smelling ability. For those who don't remember, Re:Chain of Memories' Riku story had him mentioning several times that he could smell darkness and that he could smell the difference between Kairi and Namine. This leads to such awful lines as "Darkness, it’s the smell of darkness".

Another topic that gets complained about a lot in the thread is the language that's used in Deep Jungle, the world based on Tarzan in the first Kingdom Hearts. The language barrier between humans and gorillas is the main cause of the problem here, with Jane enthusiastically uttering the phrase, "Now I've got it, eeee ooooh, oooh oooh ah means heart", as if that makes any sense at all. Other great lines include "Sora, go go", and "This place, this place."

We've only scratched the surface of the cringe content here though, folks. Some other common picks that pop up in the thread represent some of the weirdest lines in the series, such as Seifer saying "That was undeniable proof that we totally owned you lamers" like the 2005 relic he is, and Riku Replica confusing the world with "I'm me, he says".

By my count, the worst line in Kingdom Hearts is Roxas' infamous "Who else will I eat ice cream with?" speech to Xion as she lays dying in his arms. I get that eating ice creams was Roxas' idea of friendship so he's really asking who else will be his friend, but it comes off very awkwardly and makes one of the series' most emotionally impacting moments a bit embarrassing. I still cry, though.

The funniest thing about Kingdom Hearts is that some of the quotes shared here actually showed up in a previous Reddit conversation asking fans what their favourite voice lines were. It just goes to show that sometimes Kingdom Hearts' cringiest moments, are the series at its absolute best.

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