Kingdom Hearts Fans Are Sharing What Summons They Want To See In The Series Next

Kingdom Hearts fans are sharing what characters they want to see featured as Summons in Kingdom Hearts 4, with some of the most interesting picks including Bahamut, the Madrigals, and even Bart Simpson.

One of the most exciting things to speculate about before any Kingdom Hearts game is released is what Disney worlds are going to appear in the game. Although Kingdom Hearts 4 will seemingly have fewer Disney worlds than previous games (although with more detail and focus put into each of them), we can still count on Summons to give us a few more Disney characters outside of the ones stuck in their worlds.

For the uninitiated, Summons in Kingdom Hearts work much like they do in Final Fantasy, letting Sora call in a character from another world to briefly help in battle. In the first game, they were mostly characters Sora hadn't met (save from Tinkerbell and Genie), while Kingdom Hearts 2 is more focused on characters Sora's allies (except for Chicken Little).

Kingdom Hearts 3 makes a clear effort for all of the Summons to be characters Sora knows, except for Wreck-It-Ralph, who was probably just in the neighbourhood. With that confusing structure in mind, Kingdom Hearts fans are sharing how they want Summons to work and what characters they want to make an appearance in Kingdom Hearts 4 over on the series' subreddit.

One of the most interesting (and most upvoted) picks comes from Redditor Independent_Plum2166, who says that it's time for Bahamut to make his debut in Kingdom Hearts, which would make him the first non-Disney Summon in the series yet. Dataminers have also found code that implies Bahamut was originally planned for the first game, so it would make sense for him to appear at the start of the series' next saga.

As for Disney characters, one great pick comes from Redditor aidand5, who suggests that either the Madrigals from Encanto or the Parrs from The Incredibles show up for some kind of team attack. Let's be real though, Encanto is absolutely getting its own world. Some other Disney characters mentioned in the thread are ones that Sora has encountered before like Jack Skellington, Marshmallow, Baymax, Simba, and Aladdin, just to name a few.

So far, so normal, right? Thankfully, there are some weirder picks in the thread to keep us guessing. One truly cursed pick comes is Bart Simpson, who now has as much chance of appearing as any other character that Disney owns. Still, that's a better choice than what Redditor awesomedorkwad suggests, which is to have "boring-ass live-action characters" like Ewan McGregor as Christopher Robin and Hilary Duff as Lizzie McGuire.

As for me, I think that Kingdom Hearts Summons should be characters that Sora has some kind of relationship with, and not just randomers he's not met before. Considering Kingdom Hearts 4 mostly sees him in Quadratum, I'd love for Square Enix properties to take the Summon slot. Give me Neku, Zack, Rindo, Lightning, and all the other characters that Square seem to be keeping away from Kingdom Hearts.

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