Kingdom Hearts saga exclusive and expensive on Epic Games Store

Fans and newcomers can soon experience (almost) the entire Kingdom Hearts saga on PC, but it will set you back a pretty penny.

The Kingdom Hearts series was once quite infamous for how its long-running narrative was spread across multiple consoles, but Square Enix has thankfully been making the saga more accessible by compiling it for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Still, fans have also wanted to be able to experience it on PC and, like a wish on a shooting star, that’s about to come true as Square Enix has confirmed that the series will come to PC via the Epic Games Store on March 30.

For the sake of newcomers, Square Enix has handily broken down exactly how the games are being distributed, as well as how much they’ll cost. You may want to write this down because this may get a tad confusing (get used to this).

The first game is Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 Remix, which is itself a combination of the 1.5 and 2.5 collections originally released for PlayStation 3. This compilation consists of the following four games:

  • Kingdom Hearts Final Mix
  • Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain Of Memories
  • Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix
  • Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Final Mix

It also comes with cinematic retellings of the two Nintendo DS games, Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days and Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded, so you can get the story without the gameplay.

Second is another collection called Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue. This includes an HD remaster of Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance, Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth By Sleep -A Fragmentary Passage- (essentially a tech demo for Kingdom Hearts 3), and the Kingdom Hearts χ Back Cover movie, which provides backstory for the Kingdom Hearts χ mobile game.

Third is Kingdom Hearts 3, the grand finale of the Dark Seeker storyline that began with the very first game. It will also come bundled with the Re Mind DLC, which adds some additional story, super hard boss fights, and hints for where the series will go next.

And lastly is Kingdom Hearts Melody Of Memory, the most recent entry in the series. Unlike the others, which are all action role-playing games, Melody Of Memory is a rhythm game spin-off focusing on the series’ phenomenal soundtrack. It’s very light on story, though, with all of the plot saved for the very end of the game.

All of these games can be pre-ordered now on the Epic Games Store. The HD 1.5 + 2.5 collection costs £39.99 while all the others are priced at £49.99, meaning if you want to experience the saga in its entirety, it will cost you nearly £200.

Honestly, at this point, you’re better off purchasing the games digitally from the PlayStation Store, since they’re all on sale until February 24. The All-In-One package (which contains every game minus KH 3 and Melody Of Memory) currently costs only £22.49, which is an absolute steal.

Any Steam users hoping for the games to become available there too may need to wait a while longer, as the Epic Games exclusivity appears to have been a long time coming.

‘Our collaboration with Epic Games is one that stretches back to the development of Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue, and as part of this ongoing relationship, the team at Epic Games have been incredibly supportive in helping us make this a reality,’ said producer Ichiro Hazama.

That doesn’t necessarily mean they won’t come to Steam but, in the past, games released as Epic Games Store exclusives tended not to release on Steam until at least a year later.

As for a new game, details on the inevitable Kingdom Hearts 4 are still very thin. Previously, director Tetsuya Nomura did confirm that he and his team are working on something for 2022, which will mark the series’ 20th anniversary.

However, he’s also said that there will be at least one more spin-off before KH 4. Melody Of Memory may have been all that he was referring to but, considering there were four extra games in between Kingdom Hearts 2 and 3, it wouldn’t be surprising if Nomura has another one up his zipper-lined sleeves.

Square Enix is also still updating the mobile game, the one entry not coming to PC, with new story content, and who even knows when development on that will finally wrap up, especially since it now has two separate stories going on at the moment.

The Kingdom Hearts series will release for PC on March 30.

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