Kirby And The Forgotten Land: How To Eat The Ghosts’ Hidden Snacks In Invasion At The House Of Horrors

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  • Where To Find All Three Of The Ghosts’ Hidden Snacks

Kirby And The Forgotten Land has a wide variety of optional objectives in each of its colourful and creative levels. If you’re looking to achieve 100 percent completion and collect all the Waddle Dees, you’ll need to engage with each of these additional objects.

In order to complete one of these objectives in the level Invasion At House Of Horrors, the third level in the Wondaria Remains region, you’ll need to eat three hidden snacks that you’ll find throughout this charming haunted house level.

Some of these snacks are in obvious places whilst others are more thoroughly hidden, especially as nothing differentiates these food items from the standard health-restoring items you’ll find throughout the level.

Where To Find All Three Of The Ghosts’ Hidden Snacks

The first of the Ghost’s Hidden Snacks can be found early into the level, before the long section where you activate light bulb mouthful mode. You’ll find this chocolate bar in the corner of one of the many neon corridors, tucked behind two glowing hexagonal lights. Move into the chocolate bar to eat it and make the objective appear on your mission list.

There are a few other food items throughout this level which may seem like hidden snacks but aren’t: don’t be fooled by the ice cream sundae in the middle of this dark room. This particular treat doesn’t contribute to this optional objective.

The second of the ghost’s hidden snacks can be found at the very end of the main dark room section, after using the light bulb mouthful mode to power up the steps that lead to the exit. After going up these steps and before heading out the exit, you can find this adorable small pink macaron in an alcove to the left. Run into it to tick off the second snack on your mission list.

The third and final of the ghost’s hidden snacks can be found towards the end of the level, in this neon corridor where a wave of small ghost enemies will appear. After defeating the enemies, you’ll be able to find this cake behind a blue hexagon. Move into the cake to eat it and tick the third secret snack off the list, completing the objective.

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