Klonoa: Door To Phantomile – Every Vision 4 Collectible

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  • Vision 4-1: Ruins Of The Wind Kingdom
  • Vision 4-1: Where To Find All The Phantomilians
  • Vision 4-1: Where To Find All The Ngapoko Eggs
  • Vision 4-1: How to Get All 150 Dream Stones
  • Vision 4-2: The Leviathan's Ice Cavern
  • Vision 4-2 Where To Find All The Phantomilians
  • Vision 4-2: Where To Find All The Ngapoko Eggs
  • Vision 4-2: How to Get All 150 Dream Stones

With the fourth vision in Klonoa: Door To Phantomile, the player will be sliding down shallow rapids, floating up airstreams, and dancing on dinosaur bones. And that is just when they aren't searching for invisible Ngapoko Eggs and rescuing all the captive Phantomilians!

This pair of stages provides a number of unique platforming experiences, but it isn't all just fun and games, they hid some of those collectibles away pretty well this time out. Thankfully, we have your back! Not only will we show you the way to every collectible contained within, but we will also give you all the tips you need to get ahold of all the Dream Stones along the way.

Vision 4-1: Ruins Of The Wind Kingdom

The Ruins Of The Wind Kingdom comes packing a number of side areas that are loaded with goodies. It also features platforming on top of the bones of dinosaurs and battling enemy ghosts. So, prepare yourself for some spooky vibes!

Vision 4-1: Where To Find All The Phantomilians

The first Phantomilian is located on the second floor. It will be just below the entrance to the second side room. Just grab the first available moo and do a boosted jump over it in order to release the Phantomilian (1/6). But don't enter into the next area: instead, grab an enemy and boost jump over to the door to the side room (it will be on your left). In this room, you will need to perform a number of super jumps using birds. A Phantomilian (2/6) is waiting for you at the top of the room.

Once you reach the second checkpoint, there should be a Phantomilian up above you. Grab a moo and perform a super jump to get up to the ledges above. Then jump over and grab the third Phantomilian (3/6). In the same area, continue until you encounter a ledge section that is broken. There will be another Phantomilian hovering here. Grab an enemy and do a boosted jump over top of them, releasing the captive Phantomilian (4/6).

The last two Phantomilians are, once again, right on the path to the exit. They are both positioned above swinging platforms. The first of these two Phantomilians (5/6) is easily obtained by hopping onto the left-most swinging platform and hopping over to the Phantomilian hovering above. The final Phantomilian is way above one large swinging platform. Here, you will need to grab a nearby enemy and toss them at the Phantomilian (6/6) when you are at the apex of the swing.

Vision 4-1: Where To Find All The Ngapoko Eggs

The first Ngapoko Egg is just below the fourth Phantomilian in this stage. The egg will be in the background; you will need to toss an enemy at it while trying to avoid the arms of the windmill that is in front of it. Once you crack the egg, you will be rewarded with a coin. The very next area, will have another Ngapoko Egg hidden in the background, mingled with a few spooky trees. Toss an enemy at it to gain another coin.

Vision 4-1: How to Get All 150 Dream Stones

The very first room you encounter contains a Mirror Spirit. Once you enter this room you need to avoid touching any of the Dream Stones. Grab the bird, hop up to the Mirror Spirit, and hit it with your Wind Ring. Then, immediately grab another bird and do a boosted jump to get the high-up Dream Stones. Then grab the remaining Dream Stones before the Mirror Spirit's effect wears out.

During the section with the ghost enemies, you will encounter another section with a Mirror Spirit. This one doesn't really involve any tricks; you just don't have a lot of time. You will need to try to evade the spiky enemy efficiently due to how tight the time limit is. Thankfully, this area gives you a bunch of coins, so if you mess the Mirror Spirit section up, just jump down a pit and give it another go. You may find yourself having to do this a few times. This is a tough one!

During the final section with the swinging platform, just before the end of the stage, there is a little room filled with Dream Stones above you and to the left. Make sure you don't miss this room if you want to get all 150 Dream Stones!

Vision 4-2: The Leviathan's Ice Cavern

This icy cavern is filled with quick-moving rapids, airstreams, and platforming you perform on the bones of dinosaurs. This is a suitably pretty chill level. It doesn't throw anything too hard your way. That being said, we will make sure to point you in the direction of every last collectible contained within.

Vision 4-2 Where To Find All The Phantomilians

Once you enter into the second part of this stage, you will be riding the watery rapids. You can't stop during this section, but you can hold back to slow yourself. Make sure to hop up and grab the first Phantomilian (1/6). If you miss it, you will have to restart the level to get another go at it. The next segment of the level is another river section. It will end with a Phantomilian (2/6) hovering midair. Once again, if you miss this jump, you will have to return to this stage again.

Once you are finished racing down rapids, you will be back to the more standard style of Klonoa platforming. The next Phantomilian will be in plain sight, but it is buried under two boulders. All you need to do is grab nearby ghosts and fling them into those boulders by doing a boosted jump over top of them. You will easily acquire the Phantomilian (3/6). The next Phantomilian will be encountered at the top of air jets. Just let the air jets push you up to the captive Phantomilian (4/6) and free it with your Wind RIng.

Oddly enough, the fourth Phantomilian registered as being the sixth Phantomilian in our game. So, don't panic if this happens to you as well. There are two more up ahead.

There will be another section of airstreams, with a cave tucked into the top-right corner, near the end of this stage. Grab an enemy and jump up to that cave. Inside you will find a Phantomilian sitting on the ledge above. Simply, grab the bird, perform a super jump, and free the Phantomilian (5/6). The last Phantomilian is resting in between two of the rib cage platforms at the end of the stage. Grab the bird enemy and do a boost jump over top of it in order to free this final Phantomilian (6/6),

Vision 4-2: Where To Find All The Ngapoko Eggs

The first Ngapoko Egg is located at the end of the very last slide section in the first area. It is one of those invisible eggs. It is to the right of the entrance to the next section of the stage. Just reveal the egg and throw a moo at it. You will be rewarded with a heart refill.

Deep into the stage, you will encounter a giant spinal column. One segment of the skeletal structure is a rock (which is destroyable by super jumping over it and tossing an enemy its way). There is a Ngapoko Egg down here that contains a heart refill.

Vision 4-2: How to Get All 150 Dream Stones

With 4-2, we have another stage that features pretty easy-to-obtain Dream Stones. The stage starts off with a series of slides and rapids. While you can't repeat these sections, none of the Dream Stones are deviously placed. Still, you should be mindful of them. There is a pretty simple Mirror Spirit section under the giant spinal column. Just hit the spirit, grab an enemy, and jump up to get the out-of-reach Dream Stones.

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