Kojima’s Latest Teaser Seems To Be Hinting At Margaret Qualley For His Next Game

Kojima has released another teaser for his next project, and it seems to be testing that actress Margaret Qualley, who previously played Mama in Death Stranding, will be involved in some capacity. If it is Qualley, then it's possible that Kojima is teasing the game he's making with Xbox, rumoured to be titled Overdose.

Over the past few weeks, Kojima has been teasing his next project with a series of cryptic posters that say "Where Am I" and show a shadowy face. Earlier today, fans found a version of the poster at PAX Australia with a QR code that, when scanned, revealed that Elle Fanning will be featured in the project somehow.

Kojima has now released another poster in the same style, this time showing a different actor whose face is hidden in shadow. The general belief across social media right now is that the poster features Margaret Qualley, who has featured in Kojima's works before as Mama in Death Stranding. To add fuel to that fire, Kojima even retweeted a post about Mama just a few minutes after sharing the poster, seemingly confirming the connection.

If this poster does end up featuring Margaret Qualley, then it seems likely that Kojima is teasing the game that he's making with Xbox, which is rumoured to be titled Overdose and to be a horror game. Earlier in the year, a logo for the game was supposedly leaked alongside a description of the trailer, which apparently featured Margaret Qualley wandering a house of some kind and then getting jumpscared by some kind of enemy.

Although Elle Fanning being revealed first might dispute the idea that the game being teased is Overdose, as it seems that Qualley will play the lead, it could be hinting at more than one playable character or just be a misdirect from Kojima. It's also possible that the person featured in the image isn't actually Qualley and that the game isn't even Overdose, but it seems like a fair assumption to make.

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