Lara Croft’s Mansion Comes To Powerwash Simulator January 31

If you had an unlikely gaming crossover on you 2023 vision board, you can go ahead and cross that one off your list. The surprise hit PowerWash Simulator is teaming up with Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics to bring you a special Tomb Raider pack. That’s right, while Lara is off saving the world, you can save the Croft Mansion from being overtaken by dirt and grime.

The Tomb Raider Special Pack will be free for players to download and enjoy. It will be available shortly on January 31, the same day the game launches on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch. Funnily enough, the game was rumored to hit these platforms a day earlier but may have been pushed back slightly to coincide with the Tomb Raider DLC.

For those unfamiliar with PowerWash Simulator, which I highly suggest you fix, the game offers exactly what you think it does. You take the reins of a power washing business and set about cleaning a wide array of buildings and objects. As you play, the projects get more and more strange, taking you from a traditional cul-de-sac to the planet of Mars. However, the joy of washing away grime and dirt remains the same.

Now, it is time to give Winston a hand and get the Croft Manor back in tip-top shape. As Dallas Dickinson, the Franchise GM for Tomb Raider at Crystal Dynamics, puts it; “What Tomb Raider fan hasn’t explored Croft Manor and thought ‘Winston could really use some help with these grounds! I would love to power wash this place!?”. I know that’s all I can think about when booting up a Tomb Raider game.

Dan Chequer, the Lead Designer at FuturLab, shared his enthusiasm for the crossover saying that they “can’t wait for players to get up close and personal with the Croft Manor and explore its many secrets”. Sounds like players will learn more about Lara Croft’s base of operations, while also getting it sparkling clean for when Lara brings back those ancient relics.

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