League Of Legends Bug Causes Turrets To Do 80 Percent Less Damage

This is a public service announcement: League of Legends’ towers are no longer a safe space for allied players thanks to a new bug that severely limits their damage potential.

This bug was first reported by YouTuiber Vandiril (via PCGamesN), who noted that League’s towers have been bugged "for at least 8+ days." Normally, towers deal escalating damage to champions caught within their engagement zone, going up 40 percent with each blast to a maximum of 120 percent extra damage. This discourages enemies from advancing until later in the game and offers allied champions a safe space to retreat to.

However, LoL’s towers appear to be bugged as patch 12.14. As of now, turrets only deal an extra 40 percent damage once, greatly limiting their firepower and drastically lowering their usefulness as a deterrent. Vandiril notes that this has already affected competitive play, where tower dives are happening at far lower levels thanks to this reduced damage.

Worse, it seems like this will be the new norm for the foreseeable future. Patch 12.15 hit live servers earlier today, but the bug is still present. And on the Public Beta Environment, patch 12.16 still features towers that only tick up 40 percent extra damage after a single blast.

This isn’t the only bug affecting League of Legends. Riot Games recently announced an extension to the Star Guardian event after players noted that the delay in their rewards made it impossible to determine how far along in their event pass they've come. Riot has extended the event until August 24, giving players an extra eight days to gather tokens through loot and missions. Players will also have an additional two days after the event ends to cash in their tokens for exclusive rewards.

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