LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga – All Challenges In Every Episode 1 Level

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Sometimes it is best to begin at the beginning. The Phantom Menace section of the LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga will see you relive the experiences from episode 1. You will fight alongside the Gungans and battle Darth Maul to the death. In the process, you will complete a series of challenges in every mission. Initially, the goal of these challenges will be a mystery. Don't spend your valuable studs paying for information. We have all the details here.

Alongside each of these challenges, every mission has a "True Jedi" achievement. This achievement is gained by collecting a certain amount of LEGO studs. We are going to treat the True Jedi achievement as being one of the challenges. So, if you are struggling to obtain the appropriate amount of studs to reach this threshold, we have you covered on that front as well.

A Bigger Fish

Challenge Name Description
Dis Is Nutsen Dodge 3 of the Opee Sea Killer’s attacks in a row
Dodge Every Fin Defeat the Opee Sea Killer without taking damage.
Colo Snore Fish Dodge 3 of the Colo Claw Fish’s attacks in a row.

Every single challenge in the A Bigger Fish level is completed by dodging whenever you see the prompt appear. Don’t worry too much about your aim; both monsters are large, and the torpedoes will make contact more often than not. At a certain point, both monsters will be consumed by a bigger monster. Don't worry, this is still considered you "defeating" the monsters. As long as you hit your dodges, you will be set.

One thing to keep in mind is that if you dispatch the monsters too quickly, you will have fewer chances to shoot the bubbles containing studs. So, if you are trying to get the True Jedi achievement for this level, you will want to focus on hitting those bubbles instead of the creatures. You need to collect 90,000 studs to get the True Jedi achievement.

The Boonta Eve Classic

Challenge Name Description
Eat My Exhaust Beat the Ultimate Lap time record.
It’s SKYWALKER! On Lap 3, use the service ramp.
Take Over Use 3 boost pads in a single lap.

For this level, the best strategy is to stick to the left during the first forking path (the left section has a boost pad). In the canyon, stick to the left. Then, when you see a cordoned off-ramp to the right, after the second boost pad, take it. There is a boost pad on it (this is the service ramp you need to take on the third lap).

After the ramp, go for the middle section to hit another boost pad. From there, take the middle track for another boost pad. You will then hit a fork in the road. After the fork you will enter a cave; go straight down the center (don’t try to go to the left or the right). After you exit the cave, there will be a boost pad on your right. There will be one more forking path and then one final boost pad. If you follow this route for each of the three laps, you will complete all three challenges.

During the second lap, your right coupling will come undone and need to be reattached. In the third lap, the left turbine of your speeder will need to be repaired. This is unavoidable and has nothing to do with how you are running the race.

As for the studs required to get the True Jedi achievement, just hit all the LEGO rocks you see throughout the race. It may seem counterintuitive to smash into things during a race, but it won’t slow you down (or if it does, not enough to matter). You are aiming for 50,000 studs, here.

Better Call Maul

Challenge Name Description
Complete Maul-ing Defeat Darth Maul in less than 10 minutes.
Forced Out Force push 5 droids over the walkway.
Odds Stacked in Your Favor Use the Force to find another way past the electrical hazard.

The main thing to do here is to not chase after the Kyber Blocks or Minikits. Those can take you pretty far off the beaten path and drag the fight out a little. Maul is definitely beatable in ten minutes if you give him all of your attention, you can swing back again later to get all the goodies.

When Darth Maul rips up the ground, use the Force to make a bridge using the nearby boxes. This will get you the “Odds Stacked in Your Favor” challenge.

Lastly, you are looking to collect 70,000 studs to obtain the True Jedi classification. The fastest way to get these studs is through comboing Maul. However, there is a ton of debris littering the stage that will give you coins. All those railings that line the bridges can be destroyed for studs. Pursuing the 70,000 studs may be better done in a replay, alongside collecting the Kyber Bricks and Minikit parts, as it may get in the way of you beating Darth Maul in ten minutes.

During the second phase of the fight, when you confront Darth Maul on a bridge, he will face Qui-Gon, leaving his back exposed to Obi-Wan. If you switch to Obi-Wan, and throw your saber at Maul's back, you will do a tiny amount of damage, but it will count towards building your combo meter.

You can repeat this pattern until Darth Maul's second phase is defeated, and your combo bonus will be massive. We are talking about tens of thousands of studs here.

Outmanned But Not Out-Gungan-ed

Challenge Name Description
Booma Shakalaka! Destroy all AAT-1 Hover Tanks
Don’t Lose Your Head! Shoot the heads off 3 battle droids.
Ouch Time! Destroy 300 battle droids with a single booma.

The AAT-1 Hover Tank destruction is easy. Just aim for them exclusively at the top of the match and you will have no issue with this. The trickiest challenge is shooting off the droid heads. Don’t aim for the head. Face the droids head-on and shoot at their necks. That should get you the head-pop you are looking for.

Destroying 300 droids with one shot is easily done. Just aim for the spot in the middle of any four battalions. The game will tell you how many droids you destroyed with every explosion, so you will know if you are getting close.

The True Jedi achievement requires the collection of 35,000 studs. This will be extremely easy to do. During the catapult section of the level, as long as you don’t destroy ten of the AAT-1 Hover Tanks, you can rack up an endless supply of studs blowing up the droids.

Now This Is Podracing

Challenge Name Description
Prodigy Shoot 3 Vulture droids in 5 seconds.
Spinning… That’s a Good Trick! Perform 3 spins in the Naboo Starfighter to Escape enemy lock-ons.
Yippeee! Destroy the Droid Control Ship without being defeated.

You have all the time in the world to shoot down the three Vulture droids. So, just wait until you see three of them nicely clustered and then blast away. If you want, you can also increase the amount of damage your ship does in order to make this achievement even easier to obtain. The only thing to keep in mind with the spins is that pressing both the left and right bumper simultaneously will perform an entirely different evasive maneuver. You only want to press left or right to perform a spin.

Getting the necessary 30,000 studs will be easy, just fly through the rings and shoot all the things. This stage won’t force you to progress once you destroy the Control Ship, so you can keep on racking up those studs. Just don't fly to the checkpoint marker. Get too close and it will pull you in.

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