Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga – All Dagobah Side Missions

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In all properties across all media is there a more iconic bog than the Dagobah? Almost certainly now. Dagobah is the bog-standard. This iconic, swampy location is recreated in all its glory in Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga. Finally, you too can wade through murky water in a moist, humid, jungle environment filled with mysterious creatures.

While you may think that your time spent on Dagobah would be used completing missions for Yoda, you will actually be involved in helping R5-D4, a stranded astromech droid, build a little life for himself on the swampy planet. You will give him a tour of the bog, act as his protector, and finally build him a house. Join us in this new Star Wars saga: The Rise of R5-D4!


# Point Of Interest
1 R5-D4 (First Location)
2 R5-D4 (Second Location)
3 Difficult To Find Junk

Your time on Dagobah will be spent on Dragonsnake Bog. Technically, it has two levels, as you can travel along the treetops. However, none of the side missions require you to do so (with one quasi-exception). The center of the stage is a giant bog that you will need to navigate around. However, despite the stage looking relatively huge as you wander around it, in practice, it isn’t actually particularly large.

Episode IV: A New Home

Location Dagobah (Southern Section)
Requirement Complete “Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back”
Reward Scout Trooper

Once you arrive in Dagobah, hug the southern perimeter of the stage. Make your way along this path until you stumble into an astromech droid: R5-D4. He will tell you about how he has crash-landed on Dagobah, but has decided to make the best of it. He wants you to act as his escort while he scopes out the area. You will have to fight off a few different kinds of lizard creatures here.

Most notably, you will fight a dragon-like flying creature. The only thing you need to know about the dragon-esque monster is that you should avoid the glowing spots on the ground, as that is where it will swoop down. Just switch to a ranged fighter, and you should be able to blast it out of the air in no time.

Eventually, you will have one last confrontation with every creature you encountered during this stroll. That being said, even with them all bunching up together, they aren’t particularly tough. Just blast away and you should be fine. Once that is over, R5-D4 will find the perfect clearing to make his new home. The mission will conclude, and you will be rewarded with a Scout Trooper.

R5-D4 will actually take you to a number of the puzzles located on Dagobah. If you want to clear them out now, he will patiently wait for you to do so.

A Place To Crash (Land)

Location Dagobah (Eastern Section)
Requirement Complete “Episode IV: A New Home” in Dagobah – Dragonsnake Bog”

Complete “Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back”

Reward R5-D4

Once you have finished the “Episode IV: A New Home” side mission, you will be able to begin this mission immediately afterward. Talk to R5-D4 and he will tell you that he needs some supplies to help build a home for himself. He needs wood, vines, and junk. So, trek out to the areas highlighted on your map. The wood is extraordinarily easy to find, as you just need to shoot the giant logs. The vines are a little trickier; just look for spiky plants sprouting from the ground.

The junk is an absolute nightmare. You are looking to shoot the giant pieces of metal strewn about, which isn’t hard. But you will likely get snagged trying to find the last hunk (that will give you three pieces of junk). This is wedged up in a tree. You won’t be able to see it from under the tree, so you will need to get some distance. Once you shoot the final hunk of junk, and collect the pieces, you will be able to return to R5-D4. Build him one of the five houses and this mission will officially be complete. As a reward, you will gain access to the self-appointed "king of Spooktopia" himself, R5-D4!

Rebel Trouble

Location Dagobah Space
Requirement Travel to Dagobah – Space
Reward Imperial Gunnery Technician

Fly around Dagobah space until you find Astromech. You can head toward the character marker, as he is the only one floating around out there. He wants you to help him rescue some overwhelmed Rebel pilots. Follow Astromech until you reach a battle in progress. There are a bunch of Imperial units, but they won’t take too much effort to take out.

Once you have destroyed all the Imperial TIE Fighters the battle will be over. Fly around until you find a Rebel pilot with a gold star above their ship (there should be a giant blue force field surrounding them as well). Talk to them to complete the mission. You will be rewarded with the ability to use the Imperial Gunnery Technician.

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