LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga – All Unlock Codes

LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga is possibly the biggest game in the series released yet. There are hundreds of things to collect, from Kyber Bricks to characters, and 100 percent completion is one heck of a daunting task.

In classic LEGO fashion, however, the game has some special codes that you can enter to get some neat things. These are mostly characters to play as, but there are some starships, too. We've compiled every code we know of, and rest assured that if more are added, we'll get those too!

All Character Unlock Codes

The table below contains every currently known character unlock code in the game. To use these codes, simply open up the Holoprojector menu and navigate to the Extras tab on the far right. Here, click the Enter Code button.

These codes will unlock the characters associated for immediate use. Some of them are exclusively unlocked via codes, while some of these codes simply allow you to unlock characters earlier than normal, without having to complete side quests. These are noted in the table below.

You'll be prompted to head to the LEGO Survey website to fill out a short questionnaire in exchange for a code when you enter this screen. While doing this would be helpful to their analytics, we don't mind telling you that the code on offer is SKYSAGA, which unlocks Temmin Wexley the Hero.

Character Code Class Exclusive?
Aayla Secura KH7P320 Jedi
Admiral Holdo XV4WND9 Hero
C-3PO (Holiday Special) C3PHOHO Protocol Droid
Chewbacca (Holiday Special) WOOKIEE Scoundrel
Darth Vader (Holiday Special) WROSHYR Dark Side
Dengar OKV7TLR Bounty Hunter
D-O (Holiday Special) TIPYIPS Extra
Gonk Droid (Holiday Special) LIFEDAY Extra
Mister Bones BAC1CKP Extra
Nute Gunray WBFE4GO Extra
Poe Dameron (Holiday Special) KORDOKU Hero
Poggle the Lesser Z55T8CQ Extra
Ratts Tyerell GR2VBXF Extra
Resistance I-TS Transport SHUTTLE Starship
Shaak Ti VT1LFNH Jedi
Shmi T9LM1QF Extra
Tarkin 3FCPPVX Villain
Temmin Wexley SKYSAGA Hero
The Emperor SIDIOUS Dark Side
The Razor Crest ARVALA7 Starship

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