Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga Has A Xenoblade Chronicles Reference

Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga has a layered reference to Xenoblade Chronicles.

The long-awaited Skywalker Saga is finally upon us, and players are diving in and finding a ton of different easter eggs and references in the game's massive worlds. One of the most interesting easter eggs that's been found so far is a layered reference to Xenoblade Chronicles and its protagonist Shulk.

The easter egg can be found in Jabba's Palace during the Return of the Jedi section of the game. Inside that area is a disco party and one of the NPCs there, Disco Director is voiced by Adam Howden, the voice actor for Shulk in Xenoblade Chronicles. Talking to the NPC will cause him to say, "Now THIS is a party! I'm really feeling it!", which is a reference to Shulk's catchphrase.

A developer on The Skywalker Saga took to the Xenoblade Chronicles subreddit to explain how they managed to get the joke in the game, "I worked on LSWTSS. When I heard that Adam Howden would be providing his voice to the game, I tried to work in a Xenoblade reference somewhere. I managed to get this one in on the last puzzle I worked on. I wasn't in the booth when he was recording, but I had an email from the script editor at the time. He said that Adam was initially unsure about the line, but after being told that it was a Xenoblade reference, he nailed it. He was happy to hear that it was indeed a Xenoblade reference."

Although "I'm really feeling it!" is often referred to as Shulk's catchphrase, it didn't actually originate from Xenoblade Chronicles. Instead, it comes from Shulk's Super Smash Bros. reveal trailer, with Shulk uttering the line when he's introduced. Following that reveal trailer, it quickly became a meme within the community, and was even included as one of Shulk's taunts. The phrase has since been referenced in other Xenoblade Chronicles games and has become a part of Shulk's identity.

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