Lemnis Gate Update Brings New Map And DLSS

Lemnis Gate, the time-bending strategy shooter from Ratloop Games, has been updated to version 1.3. This free update brings all-new content to the FPS, as well as fixing several bugs and adding a few quality-of-life updates. Plus, fans will be thrilled to see that the update reactivates the 2V2 Ranked mode, allowing them to team up with a friend for some competitive action. Version 1.3 is available now across all platforms.

The update also brings an all-new map, The Nest, to Lemnis Gate. This off-world site is anchored to the upper rim of an impact crater that is right under the remains of a shattered moon. Narratively, the site is the future home of an experimental retrieval and delivery system for Exotic Matter. However, until the site is completed, Lemnis Industry operatives are responsible for collecting the Matter and getting it to Earth. With a ton of nooks and crannies for players to hide, or spring an ambush, this map will definitely prove a challenge for even the most skilled operative.

There is also a new skin for robot operative KARL included in the update. The Botler Cosmetic will turn KARL into quite the looker with a large mustache and bowler hat and includes two color variants to choose from. Along with the skin, a new emblem and weapon skin will be available to unlock.

Beyond new content, Update 1.3 adds support for NVIDIA DLSS on PC to boost framerates and performance and a new Spectator mode that allows players to watch games using the Recon Drone. Players can connect to an already in-progress match using a Join Code and then simply hit the “watch” button. It also adds an Auto sprint mode and MMR tuning.

The update also incorporates some minor fixes and changes. Players will notice some miscellaneous crash fixes, several gameplay patches, animation corrections, added settings options, and several map-specific updates and changes. Update 1.3 is out now for all platforms the game is available on including PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S. A full list of what it offers can be found on the game’s official website.

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