Little Hope: All Family Secrets Guide

There are far more secrets to uncover than those you find by just following the story in Little Hope. The team built up far more lore and backstory to the game than could be included in the actual plot, leaving the majority as optional collectibles. Along with the photographs and witchcraft secrets, the family secrets are another way you can fully flesh out the world of the game. These secrets can be buried pretty deep, so check out this guide to find them all and earn yourself the Secrets Too Dark Trophy or Achievement.

All Family Secrets In Little Hope

Just like the witchcraft secrets, there are 25 family secrets to pick up throughout the game. Feel free to replay chapters to grab any you may have missed since the game will save once you pick up a new one. These will be in the order you can encounter them in the story.

Newspaper: Town Closes

Inside the Black Car Bar as John, go to the left of the screen after talking to Vince and examine the table on the right.

Poppet Doll

After leaving the bar, hug the left side of the road to spot a strange stone circle with the poppet next to it. This is part of the story so you should already have it.

Magick And Ritual Book

When you’re playing as Andrew with John, you will come into an old shack. After John gets scared out of the room, you must succeed in the QTE to stay inside to grab this book off the table.

Protest Signs

As you come up to what they suspect to be a grocery story as Daniel, hug the right side of the area to find these discarded signs in a pile on the ground.

Protest Posters

After checking the signs, look for the posters hung up to the left side of the building’s door.

Number One Dad Keychain

Enter the building and work your way to the bottom floor. Walk down the aisle, make a U turn at the end, and back around the counter. The keychain is on the shelving in the back corner.

Marks On The Walls

After entering the police station, go into the locker room on the right and go all the way to the end. Enter the doorway on the right and into the open cell. Move the plank out of the way to check the wall.


Leave the cell area and backtrack to the main room. Head to the top right office and check the framed commendation on the wall straight ahead of you.

Band Poster

After you exit the police station, hug the left side of the road and keep your eye out for the telephone pole with the poster taped on to it.

Sun Charm

From the gate where you can exit the graveyard, take a right at the first fork and follow the path around to a headstone you can examine. Take another right here up through a small open gate. Take this left and find the small stone bench on the left side of the path with the charm underneath.

Tanya Clark’s Grave

From the sun charm, turn around and check the graves to your right. Move the flowers out of the way to examine Tanya’s.

Team Photo

After the cutscene in the factory, immediately turn around and check the picture hung up on the wall behind you.

Memorial Plaque

Right after checking the team photo, move forward and look on the wall on the left for a crooked plaque. Interact with it for this collectible.

Disciplinary Letter

Go into the room right next to the plaque and open the drawer of the desk right in front of you when you enter.

Family Photo

Turn around and check the wooden desk in this same room for this photo in a cardboard box.

Newspaper: Factory Closes

On the factory’s ground floor, go into the first room on your left. The newspaper is right on the desk.

Vince Photo

Leave this room and move past the stairs to the right. Pull open the locker against the back wall to pick up this next collectible.

Newspaper: Cause Of Fire

Continue forward from the locker and wait until a cutscene triggers. Afterwards, go between the second to last and last machine to grab this paper off the floor next to a bunch of junk.

Old Car

This car is directly in your path following a small cutscene after passing under a brick building.

Newspaper Clipping

After checking the front of the car, walk around and open the trunk to grab this clipping.

Wedding Photo

Inside the burned house, walk forward into the second room and look to the left on the floor just past the broken piano.

Charred Book

On the opposite end of the room from the photo, near a hole in the floor and wall, is the book laying on the floor.

Child’s Drawing

Make your way back to the front door of the house and take a left. You will spot a wall you can examine. Brush off the dirt to reveal the drawing.

Grandfather Clock

Go into the room on the opposite side of the wall the drawing is on and check the clock just to the right of the doorway.

Crude Doll

This will automatically be given to you during the final scene so long as you have unlocked all other collectibles in the game.

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