Live: Facebook Cancels Mind Reading, Can Steam Deck Do VR?

We’re going to get into a big week of VR-adjacent news on our live show today as we digest the likeliest implications for visiting simulated worlds.

At noon Pacific we’ll be driving through the news that Valve announced its “open” Linux-based handheld PC, aka Steam Deck, Facebook cancelled a head-mounted brain-reading research effort, and there might be a larger-storage entry model for Oculus Quest 2 coming in the near future. It is sure to be a lively discussion as both Valve and Facebook have expressed considerable interest in more direct brain-computer interfaces than we have today, but the exact approach these companies pursue, how far away it is from actual consumers and how directly these systems will integrate with VR and AR headgear remains unclear.

And while Valve made clear that its Steam Deck handheld PC is technically capable of VR, its performance isn’t tuned for that use case. Still, some people are going to dive right in and start experimenting with VR nonetheless on Steam Deck and its existence might offer a playground for experimentation with things that Facebook’s Oculus Quest simply doesn’t allow.

We’ll be discussing all this and more on today’s show produced live in VR in our custom-built studio using hand tracking, Oculus Avatars, and standalone VR headsets. You can tune in live and we’ll be able to see YouTube comments and incorporate them into our discussion, or subscribe to our VR Download podcast on the platform of your choice and listen to it after the recording session.

Watch at the YouTube link embedded below:

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