London Police Draft New Policy For Trans Suspects In Response To Keffals Swatting

The police in London, Ontario have announced a draft of a new policy that will see the human rights of transgender suspects respected when searched and detained. This draft is in response to a high-profile swatting incident involving Clara Sorrenti – better known as Keffals – that took place in early August. Sorrenti is one of Twitch's biggest transgender streamers and described their experience of having been booked by their deadname, having it displayed across evidence bags, and being referred to as her mother's son.

In case you missed the whole saga, Sorrenti was swatted after a user on the hate forum Kiwi Farms impersonated her via email and threatened to commit a mass shooting. She was then chased across the globe by Kiwi Farms users after dragging the site into the spotlight and started a campaign to get security provider Cloudflare to drop support. The campaign was successful in the end, as Kiwi Farms has been blocked and even removed from the Internet Archive.

The policy proposed by the London Police Service will reportedly have officers respect a transgender suspect's human rights, privacy issues, and make them use the correct gender identification such as gender-appropriate pronouns unless it's "jeopardizing officer safety."

In an article by The London Free Press, Sorrenti provides her feelings on the policy changes, describing them as "a step in the right direction" but says she's still upset with how the police handled the situation and wants more to done to prevent swatting incidents from happeneing in the first place. She later claimed in a Twitch stream that she has "mixed feelings" on the policy, claiming that the proposed changes "should just be a given" and criticizes the police over failing to do basic research into her before the arrest.

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