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The Machinist, also known as the Scouter in other Lost Ark regions, is the newest class to be added to the game. Added in the Rage With The Machinist update, alongside the Kakul Saydon raid, this class specializes in navigating the battlefield with a powerful drone companion.

The Machinist fits into the Male Gunner class and has a variety of different skill types, like the other Gunner classes. We will go over these, and more, below.

Class Overview

The Machinist is a fast-paced, consistent DPS class that has a variety of futuristic weapons at their disposal.

Its skills are broken down into different types, whether that's skills the character executes itself (these are Yellow in the game), the skills that the Drone uses (blue), skills that the character and the drone use together (Purple), or Hypersync skills, which are red.

How you use these skills and the rotations needed for Raids and Chaos Dungeons will change depending on your choice of class engraving. The two class Engravings, Evolutionary Legacy and Arthetinian Skill, dictate the style of play.

Evolutionary Legacy Build, Playstyle, And Engravings

  • At level 3, Sync skills will deal an extra 6% of damage with up to 3 possible stacks. Cooldown is reduced by 5 seconds. When deactivated, 40% of the Hypersync gauge is refilled.

This playstyle is all about activating the class identity skill: Hypersync. At a full level build with this class, with the correct gems and engravings, you'll almost constantly be in Hypersync.

  • You activate the Air Strike Awakening Skill to gain the gauge to instantly pop into Hypersync.
  • This is a fast-paced build that has a lot of damage uptime, and also provides speed and a shield that protects you.
  • You are knocked out of Hypersync if the shield breaks, so it's key that you avoid damage where possible.

Recommended Engravings And Stats

You get plenty of switfness from your Hypersync, so that's not necessary here. Instead, focus entirely on Specialty as this directly impacts your cooldown time for Hypersync. Crit is the best secondary choice for more damage.

Here's a look at some sample Engravings you can use:

Grudge (Level 3)
  • Recommended for most endgame builds, Grudge is free damage.
Raid Captain (Level 3)
  • You get a lot of movement speed bonuses from Hypersync and also other buffs, so getting 45% extra damage based on movement speed is a great choice for the Machinist.
Evolutionary Legacy (Level 3)
  • Class Engraving! Important to max out for that increase up to 6% damage.
  • Attack speed buffs pair well with your skillset.
Keen Blunt Weapon
  • Extra crit, extra damage.

This is a really fun build and is excellent for Raids and Chaos Dungeons alike. It really relies on understanding boss mechanics, however, because if you are knocked out of Hypersync mode your damage decreases significantly.

Arthetinian Skill Build, Playstyle, And Engravings

  • At level 3, you get extra damage on your Drone and Joint skills by 25%, get extra 20% Battery, and 10% more movespeed when the Drone is attached.

The Arthetinian Skill side of things is more about using the Machinist's own skills and skills with the Drone, which are often referred to as Joint skills. In general, the build provides decent skill versatility, lots of opportunities to play around with the drone (that's the whole point right?), but also feels a bit more squishy due to the lack of that Hypersync shield.

  • Drone management is key and definitely something you'll need to practice. You can use the X key to recall your Drone immediately, but also casting a Joint Skill (that's those purple skills) will bring the Drone right back to your character as well.
  • You move the drone by Shift and clicking and it can be manoeuvred freely.
  • While the Legacy build is about constant uptime and consistent damage, the Arthetinian build is slightly more about getting that burst window in with your Joint skills.

Reccomended Engravings And Stats

For stats, you want to lean into Critical as your primary stat with a secondary stat of Swiftness.

In terms of Engravings, here's a look at a sample with 5 engravings.

Arthetine Skill (Level 3)
  • Class engraving necessary for the build, level 3.
Grudge (Level 3)
  • Free damage!
Raid Captain (Level 3)
  • Extra move speed, extra damage. Same reasons as in the Legacy build.
Keen Blunt Weapon
  • More crit to make your windows more explosive.
Increase Mass
  • Cheap Engraving with lots of potential for extra damage, especially because you get so much Swiftness from various buffs in your skillset and from other battlefield buffs.

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