Lover Pretend: Harumi Makino Route Guide

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Harumi Makino is a potential love interest in Lover Pretend. At the start of the game, he is introduced as your coworker, as you work through auditions for a new movie. If Harumi's shy personality interests you, we are here to help.

In this guide, we are going to go over how to fully complete Harumi's route. This consists of every answer needed to get his Happy Ending, as well as the Good and Bad Endings. As usual, there will be no spoilers here, just the answers you need to give. First, let's take a look at how to get through the prologue of Lover Pretend.


The prologue of the game does not involve Harumi; it's meant to get you familiar with the game, as well as participate in your first Pretend Time.

Typically, failing a Pretend Time can impact the story. The prologue is a practice, so you can get an answer wrong and face no consequences.

Below, you can find the correct answers for this section.

  • Just because.
  • He's an idiot.
  • No, but we will.
  • Like lovers.
  • I love you too…

Episode One

Episode One is the longest section of the game, consisting of multiple Pretend Times. During this episode, you will interact with all four love interests.

You can find the correct answers to get on Harumi's route below.

  • I’d appreciate that.
    • This option only appears after you have completed at least one route.
  • Are you okay?
  • Pretend Time One:
    • We’re coworkers.
    • I can trust him.
    • What we have now is fine.
    • Harumi Makino.
    • Not really…
    • Politely decline.
    • Pretend Time Two:
      • Is that what it was?
      • Mom’s worried.
      • But I have to…
      • Pretend Time Three:
        • When we met on the street?
        • On my hand, right?
        • That’s a bit much.
        • Let him sleep.
        • Episode Two

          • Call for Harumi.
          • Are you buying that, too?
          • Go to the lodge.
          • Pretend Time:
            • It must clear your mind.
            • You should get enough sleep.
            • That makes me feel better.

            Episode Three

            • Ask someone for advice.
            • Makino.
            • Pretend Time:
              • I’m scared.
              • We’re not alone.
              • He dislikes working in film.
            • Wait, do you mean…?
            • Press the issue.
            • Episode Four

              This marks the official start of Harumi's route! There are only a few more episodes left now until you can get Harumi's Happy Ending.

              • A robot anime?
              • I’m glad I could help.
              • A good friend.
              • Pretend Time:
                • He helped when I was lost.
                • I asked.
                • I planned to tell him.
                • He’s showing determination.
                • Talking with him.

                Episode Five

                • Say Kai’s line.
                • That’s embarrassing, but…
                • Pretend Time:
                  • How he strives to improve.
                  • We went to an udon shop.
                  • We watched the dolphin show.
                  • We haven’t kissed yet.
                  • Show him a photo.

                  Episode Six

                  • I want to watch it with him.
                  • Pretend Time:
                    • I don’t have space for them.
                    • Kai.
                    • It was sold before the show.
                    • Time to razzle-dazzle!
                    • Don’t make fun of anime!
                  • Text him.
                  • Episode Seven

                    This is the final episode before Harumi's Happy Ending!

                    • I am.
                    • Watch the parade.
                    • Pretend Time:
                      • Are you asking to get hurt?
                      • Cosplay? What’s that?
                      • Do what you want.
                      • Kai’s a private person.
                      • Episode Nineteen!

                      Harumi's Good Ending

                      After getting Harumi's Happy Ending, you can also get his Good Ending. This isn't bad, but it definitely isn't as satisfying as the Happy Ending.

                      To get Harumi's Good Endings, head back to the start of Episode Five and give the following answers.

                      Episode Five

                      • Go home.
                      • What?!
                      • Pretend Time:
                        • Don't choose an answer!
                        • Don't choose an answer!
                        • Don't choose an answer!
                        • We’ve kissed.
                        • Show him a photo.

                        These choices will cause you to fail the Pretend Time.

                        Episode Six

                        • I’m interested, but…
                        • Pretend Time:
                          • Don't choose an answer!
                          • Don't choose an answer!
                          • Don't choose an answer!
                          • This is embarrassing.
                          • Don’t make fun of anime!

                          These choices will cause you to fail the Pretend Time.

                          After the Pretend Time in Episode Six, you will be on track for the Good Ending. In this route, you will not proceed forward to Episode Seven.

                          Harumi's Bad Endings

                          In addition to Good and Happy Endings, there are also four Bad Endings that you can obtain. Like the Bad Endings for other characters, Harumi's are pretty short in terms of requirements.

                          Below, you can find a table with each Bad Ending, as well as how to get it.

                          Bad Ending NameHow To Obtain
                          RejectionGive the following answers for the Pretend Time in Episode Four:

                          • Don't choose an answer!
                          • Don't choose an answer!
                          • I wanted to hide it.
                          • He’s joking.
                          • Don't choose an answer!
                          An Unspeakable NameDo not choose any option during the Pretend Time in Episode Five.
                          A Smile Only in MemoryDo not choose any option during the Pretend Time in Episode Six.
                          Ultimate HumiliationGive the following answers for the Pretend Time in Episode Seven:

                          • Don't choose an answer!
                          • It’s my first time…
                          • Please don’t.
                          • Don't choose an answer!
                          • Episode One!

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