Magic: The Gathering – The 10 Most Valuable Cards In Dominaria Remastered

Dominaria Remastered brings some of the most powerful cards from Magic: The Gathering’s home plane of Dominaria together in one set. These cards include legendary creatures, powerful enchantments, and epic spells from any set based on the plane of Dominaria.

Many of the most expensive cards from Dominaria Remastered are cards that are already in high demand among players, cards like Force of Will, Sylvan Library, and Urza, Lord High Artificer. Magic also printed multiple versions of many of these cards, as both a classic retro frame and a full-art borderless version.

These prices are determined by the average market price from cards listed on TCGPlayer, and are subject to fluctuations as time passes and the competitive meta evolves. Prices may not be the same as at the time of writing.

10 Urza, Lord High Artificer – $27.26

The first time we saw an actual Urza card printed in Magic was back in Modern Horizons, and since then it has gone on to be an extremely powerful commander. This Urza enters play with a construct creature token, affectionately called ‘Karnstructs’ after Karn, Scion of Urza, and can tap any artifact to create blue mana.

The real power of Urza, Lord High Artificer comes from its ability to play the top card of your library and play it for free. With infinite mana, you can go through your entire deck this way until you find a way to win.

9 Sylvan Library – $30.65

Sylvan Library is a classic green enchantment that does a ton of work for very little cost. You get to draw two extra cards during your draw step for just two mana.

If you like those cards, you can pay four life a piece to keep them, or you can put two of the three cards you’ve drawn this turn back on your deck. You can keep digging deeper and deeper into your deck with Sylvan Library to find the answers you’re looking for.

8 Sylvan Library (Retro Frame) – $31.22

It’s no surprise that Sylvan Library takes a few slots as one of the most valuable cards of the set, given the sheer amount of power it can provide. The retro frame version of Sylvan Library is a call back to the old style of Magic cards. A blockier frame and white text for the card name and card type are iconic of older Magic cards.

Sylvan Library is such an old card that even the retro frame isn’t its oldest frame. Originally printed in the Legends set back in 1994, the classic Sylvan Library has seen several upgrades to make it easier to read and look at.

7 Vampiric Tutor – $32.71

Easily one of the best tutors in Magic: The Gathering, Vampiric Tutor lets you get any card in your deck and put it on top so it is your next draw.

Even better, it is at instant speed, so you can cast it just before your turn starts and draw whatever answer you need on your turn. You don’t even need to reveal the card you get to your opponents, you get it for free without revealing any information.

6 Vampiric Tutor (Retro Frame) – $34.60

Vampiric Tutor looks great in its retro frame, a throwback to its days being a Visions exclusive card. While this card is banned in Legacy and restricted to just one copy in Vintage, there are still plenty of ways to put Vampiric Tutor to good use.

In Commander, you can grab any card you want, whether it's a huge creature to take over the game or some type of emergency board wipe if the board becomes a bit too dangerous for you.

5 Sylvan Library (Borderless) – $35.06

Having all three versions of Sylvan Library within the top most valuable cards from Dominaria Remastered is a testament to its power. There are ways to make it even better though, with combos in Commander that help you get around the loss of life with this card.

Combine Sylvan Library with the enchantment Abundance to exchange the three cards you would draw for the turn with Abundance’s replacement effect. Since you didn’t actually draw cards from Sylvan Library, you won’t lose life this way, and instead, you get three activations of Abundance.

4 Vampiric Tutor (Borderless) – $40.05

For many years, the only way to pick up a Vampiric Tutor of your own was to track down a copy of the Visions or the white-bordered Classic Sixth Edition printing of the card. There was also the non-legal gold printing which might be find depending on your playgroup but it could not be used in tournaments.

It wasn’t until 2016 that Vampiric Tutor became wildly available again with its reprinting in Eternal Masters. Now, with the full art version of Vampiric Tutor with original art from classic Magic artist Richard Kane Ferguson, this powerful tutor is available in packs once again.

3 Force Of Will (Retro Frame) – $72.60

Easily one of the best counterspells in Magic: The Gathering, Force of Will has been stopping plays and interrupting games for years. The retro frame version of Force of Will is a great throwback to the classic age of Magic, and looks great in any deck with other retro framed cards.

While the retro frame may not be for everyone, there’s no denying how cool the new art for Force of Will looks encased in the classic frame.

2 Force Of Will – $75.11

Calling Force of Will a free counterspell is technically incorrect. It does put you down an extra card compared to the resources your opponents are expending for their spell. Force of Will is a two-for-one, with you expending two cards (Force of Will itself plus the blue card you exile for its alternate casting cost) to stop their one card.

The majority of the time it is worth it — whether you’re stopping some wild combo or powerful creature, putting yourself down cards is fine if it means stopping your opponent.

1 Force Of Will (Borderless) – $76.10

It should surprise no one that Force of Will takes the top three slots in Dominaria Remastered. As the premiere counterspell in Magic, it is all but a necessary inclusion in your deck if you’re playing blue in Legacy.

Even if you don’t have a Force of Will in hand, you can constantly bluff your opponent out by pretending that you have a Force of Will at the ready, and you need a second or two to consider whether you want to counter their spell or not.

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