Make Sure You Redeem Your Resident Evil Re:verse Codes Before December 31, 2799

I’m not sure what has gone so wrong (or so right?) that you’ll be trying to redeem your Resident Evil Re:verse code 778 years from now, but just make sure you get it taken care of before then. In a rather hilarious post on Reset Era, someone shared their redemption instructions for their digital copy of Re:verse, and the slip of paper warns that the code expires in 2799.

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For those of you picking up a physical copy of Resident Evil Village now, you may notice the game comes packaged with Capcom’s online multiplayer clash. Neat, cool, super nice of you, Capcom – but how dare you limit me to only 800 years of sitting on this code. If I want to drag out my PlayStation-number-whatever centuries from now and enter in your code, I expect it to work. I also expect you to still be hosting those matchmaking servers, too.

Reset Era’s thread from Bigkrev brought the bizarre detail to our attention. We’re used to seeing a few years out, or sometimes no expiration at all, but as the thread points out, an expiration date of December 31, 2799 is quite a weird one. See for yourself.

I reckon we’ll have destroyed our own planet by that point, but if I’m still trying to redeem Re:verse codes on the PlayStation Network hundreds of years from now, I hope one of y’all will be kind enough to stop me. A couple of folks in the thread pointed out Capcom did this with Monster Hunter Rise, too. Capcom seems wildly optimistic about the future of humanity.

Resident Evil Village just launched last week, and if you’re keen on playing you can check out TheGamer’s review from our very own Jade King. She enjoyed the experience, but noted that there was, tragically, not enough of the big lady.

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