Make Your Dirty Old Gaming Chair Brand New Again With Secretlab’s new Chair Skins

My gaming chair is simultaneously the nicest and most mistreated furniture I own. Don’t get me wrong, I love my Secretlab Titan and I don’t try to abuse it, but when you sit on the same chair for upwards of ten hours a day, it’s going to have some wear and tear. I clean it regularly with the recommended leather cleaner, but the reality is that human bodies are disgusting, and mine is no exception. I’m not going to get graphic here, but homes in Southern California don’t have central AC, and this was a pretty sweaty summer. Also, it’s not like I stand up and stick my hams out the window whenever I have to let one rip. Suffice to say my gaming chair doesn’t have that new car smell anymore. Sorry for lying about not getting graphic.

Whether you have messy kids, cats that like to claw, or you’re like me, a human being with natural body functions, your $500 luxury gaming chair won’t stay new forever. That’s the problem, here’s the solution: Secretlab has a new line of chair skins for Titan Evo 2022 that protect, refresh, and upgrade your old seat, making it feel like a brand new, and surprisingly even more comfortable chair. I’ve been test driving (riding?) a sample for a few weeks and it makes such a difference that I now feel bad I ever sat on a naked chair in the first place (the chair was naked, not me).

The chair skin is tailored specifically to form fit on the Titan Evo 2022, and it comes in a variety of colors. Mine is a nice neutral baby blue that blends well with the black frame, and still has the Secretlab and Titan logos embroidered on the front and back in shiny silver. It comes in two pieces: a back that stretches over the top and zips closed, and a bottom that buckles together on the chair. Both pieces are stretched under the gap between the back and bottom of the chair to give it a perfect fit. At a glance it actually looks like the natural chair, but upon closer inspection you can see that it isn’t completely flush. Within the deeper grooves of the back there’s some bounce where the skin doesn’t make contact with the chair. It makes no difference at all when you’re sitting on it, but it’s the only indication that the chair is covered with another layer.

The fabric is very soft, though obviously quite different from the plush leather underneath. It's thick enough to give the chair a little extra padding, and it’s a lot more breathable than the leather too. I find that I’m actually staying cooler now, which is a huge perk I didn’t expect. It also smells nice and new, and when it starts to get old I’ll just toss it out and put on a new one.

While it will protect the chair from damage like cat scratches (I can personally attest to that) it is not as easy to clean. If you spill on the leather you typically just have to wipe it off, but you’ll need some kind of stain remover if you spill on the cover. Of course, you can just replace it if it gets too messy, but if you’re mainly concerned about spills you’re probably better off with the leather.

The big downside is that my chair’s beautiful design is completely covered up. I have one of the League of Legends chairs and the entire back side is embroidered with a beautiful design of Pyke’s dagger, but now it’s completely covered up by flat blue fabric. Some of the licensed versions of the Titan Evo are $100 more than the regular version, so I suspect a lot of people won’t want to hide them. I wish the design allowed for at least the back to stay exposed, but Secretlab went for a full reskin instead. On the other hand, this means you can buy a plain chair and cover it with different themed skins, which is something I look forward to doing once I wear out my first one.

Secretlab’s chair skins are a great accessory, especially if you’re not too committed to the design on your chair. Now that mine’s protected from my pets (and me) I suspect its life will be extended pretty dramatically. You can check out all the different versions and order one today over on Secretlab’s website.

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