Maneater: How To Open Gates And Grates

There are a ton of impassable gates throughout Maneater, but players are often at a loss of how to open them. These gates serve as a passageway to bigger and better things, but there are a few different types you might encounter. Some require the use of a specific shark, while others use a technique that isn’t explained in the tutorial.

Luckily, they are easier to open than you think and in no time you will be opening up gates like a pro. These tips and tricks will steer you in the right direction in Maneater so no gate will ever stand in your way ever again.

Types Of Gates

There are two types of gates in Maneater and they operate in completely different ways. One of them is very tall and sticks out of the water, while the other is usually found underwater and is considered a grate because of its design.

The two types of gates are as follows:

  • Underwater Breakable Grate
  • Large Mechanical Gate

Underwater Breakable Grate

The underwater breakable gate is the one you encountered during the tutorial, but you may find you are not able to ram them open when starting out. The reason for this is that you begin the game as just a Pup, but you need to be an Elder or Mega in order to break them all.

However, some of these grates can be opened as a Teen or Adult shark, and you will just have to test the gate for yourself to find out. This means you have to start out by working to level yourself up, which you can do by completing objectives, eating creatures, and battling some apex predators with your combat skills.

Large Mechanical Grate

The large mechanical gates can be easily identified as they stick up out of the water and have a switch sitting on top. It will be lit and this is what needs to be triggered in order for you to obtain your prize.

Players often try jumping to hit it with every trick in the book, but nothing their shark does will open it up. Rather, you first need to find a fish, as this is what is required to flip the switch.

One tip is to make sure your shark only bites down once and does not completely consume it, otherwise, you will have to catch another one. Once you have your fish then you need to aim toward the switch, then perform a tail flip in order to throw your catch at it.

If your aim is true then a reticle will appear, it will flip the switch, and you will gain access to what is on the other side. Many find that predators are the best for this venture as they can withstand the toss, while lesser fish are often too weak.

What Are Gates Used For?

Gates with switches are used to block off regions and provide shortcuts to various areas of the map. If you are interested in exploring someplace new then it might be time to try your luck and hit a switch so you can move on to the next area.

The breakable grates often keep you from opening crates, and these often contain nutrients. These can be used to upgrade your mutations, even though real sharks don’t have these, so you can be an even more formidable foe on land and in water.

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