Mario Kart Tour Races To Mobile On September 25

Hot on the heels of Dr. Wario World’s arrival on mobile devices, Nintendo is bringing Mario Kart Tour to iOS and Android on September 25. You can pre-register for this free-to-play game now.

As the name Mario Kart Tour implies, players won’t just be confined to the Mushroom Kingdom and will race on tracks inspired by real-world locations. The tracks rotate every two weeks, and will also include classic Mario kart courses.

In addition to the standard Mario Kart racing, players can activate a new Frenzy mode, which doesn’t last long, yet delivers an unlimited supply of one item and makes your driver invincible. The game also features bonus challenges; one is called “Vs. Mega Bowser.”

Although Nintendo is saying the game is free to start, it will include microtransactions. We won’t know what these look like  until the game launches in late September. You can see what Nintendo has in store for this mobile racer in the trailer below:

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