Marvel Snap: Everything You Need To Know About The Recruit Season Pass

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Marvel Snap is a superhero deck-building game with several unique twists. Battles only last six short rounds, with one card played simultaneously by each player each round. Cards only have two stats, plus potentially a special ability, but random location abilities give the game a keen tactical edge that keeps you coming back for more.

When you’re first getting into Marvel Snap, you’ll start by completing the Recruit Season Pass. It’s a great introduction to how the overall system of missions and rewards works, and also gives you a nice opening set of cards and other rewards.

What Is The Recruit Season Pass?

The Recruit Season Pass is basically your introduction to the world of Marvel Snap. It consists of 20 reward levels that give you a set number of rewards including Credits, Gold, Avatars, and Cards. Once you have unlocked all 20 rewards in the Recruit Season Pass, you’ll move on to the game proper.

  • Credits: Credits are spent to upgrade the rarity of your cards when you have enough boosters to do so. This doesn’t make the cards better in terms of stats, but each upgrade gives you Collection Levels. These are crucial, as they in turn open up more Cards, Credits, and Boosters.
  • Gold: This is the 'real money' currency of Marvel Snap, but you do occasionally get it for free in-game. The most common way to spend Gold is on Card Variants in the Shop. These are alternative images of cards you already have, which you can boost alongside your normal card variants to gain extra Collection Levels.
  • Avatars: Purely cosmetic. You choose your favorite one to go alongside your name when you go into battle. Got a favorite hero? Represent! During the Recruit Season Pass levels, you’ll get the Avatars of each hero you also get a card for.
  • Cards: Every Marvel Snap deck is made up of 12 cards, which have a variety of Special Effects, Energy costs to play, and damage Power. The real fun of the game is making decks and seeing how they compete against other real players. So, the more cards you have, the more fun you can have deck-building.

How Do I Gain Recruit Season Pass Levels?

There are two types of missions in Marvel Snap: Daily Missions and Season Pass Missions. Dailies reward Credits, but both mission types also earn you Season Pass Points.

Simply daily missions earn just 25 Season Point XPs, but Season Pass missions can earn 1,000 XP or more. Every time you break through a 1,000 Season Point barrier, you go up a Season Pass level. Each time you do so in the Recruit Season Pass, you’ll get a reward. There are two Chapters full of missions, with the second opening after the first is complete.

Chapter One: Welcome To Marvel Snap

1xChapter Challenge: Complete All Seven Chapter One Missions2,000
2xPlay a Match1,000
3xUpgrade a Card1,000
5xUnlock a New Card1,000
7xWin Matches950
1xComplete a Daily Mission950
1xReach Collection Level 12950
2xWin with Spectrum in your Deck900

Chapter Two: Step Into The Multiverse

1xChapter Challenge: Complete All Seven Chapter Two Missions3,000
1xUpgrade a Card to Rare or better1,000
1xCreate a new Deck900
1xPlay a Match with a New Deck850
2xComplete Daily Missions1,000
2xWin with Odin in your Deck850
10xWin Matches900
1xReach Collection Level 35950

While Season Pass Missions are set, the Daily Missions are random, and you can have six of the dailies active at once. These refill by two every eight hours, or you can pay Gold to refill them faster. As an extra bonus for completing Daily missions, there is a Weekly Daily Challenge that rewards you with extra Credits, Gold, and Season Pass XP the more of them you do.

Recruit Season Pass Hero Cards

The Cards you get as rewards during the Recruit Season are set, but that doesn’t make them bad. Some of these cards will probably become foundational cards in many of your decks going forward, right up to the end game.

Energy is the cost of playing a card, and Power is how much strength they have. You’ll always battle over six rounds, getting one Energy in round one up to six in round six. The battle is over three locations, with the winner controlling the majority. What keeps it interesting is that each location has a random effect.

NameClaim At LevelEnergy-PowerEffectNotes
Ant-Man21-1Ongoing Ability: If you have three other cards here, plus three Power.One-cost cards tend to only have one or two Power, so Ant-Man’s ability to easily become a four-Power hero makes him a popular choice.
Collossus62-3Ongoing Ability: Can’t be Destroyed, Moved, or have its Power reduced.Destroy decks target your own cards purposefully, but you’ll still want heroes that hang around such as this one. He can also be useful with tricky locations.
Ironheart103-0On Reveal: Give three other friendly cards plus two Power.A standard three-Energy card will have around four Power, so this is a good trade-off. It is also useful as a card that can be played in locations where the lowest Power wins.
Gamora145-7On Reveal: If your opponent played a card here this turn, plus five Power.There are several Guardians of the Galaxy hero cards with similar abilities, but this is the most powerful. Risky, but by the time you can play it you should have a good idea of your opponent’s plans.
Blue Marvel205-3Ongoing Ability: Your other cards have plus one Power.Especially when playing a deck that can duplicate cards, or has many cheap cards to play, this can potentially add a massive 11 Power to your side.

All Level Rewards In Recruit Season Pass

1Set of eight basic Avatars
2Ant-Man Card
3200 Credits
4Ant-Man Avatar
5100 Gold
6Colossus Card
7Colossus Avatar
820 Boosters
9Marvel Card Back
10Ironheart Card
11Ironheart Avatar
12Mystery Variant Card
13200 Credits
14Gamora Card
15Gamora Avatar
16100 Gold
17200 Credits
18Mystery Variant Card
19Blue Marvel Avatar
20Blue Marvel Card

Once you complete the Recruit Season Pass, you’ll advance to rolling Season Passes that change over the months and that are time limited. These allow you to pay cash for extra rewards, and once the Season ends, those rewards will be replaced with new ones.

However, the Recruit Season Pass is set in stone: you’ll get all 20 rewards, and there is no time limit.

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