Marvel’s Avengers Fans Are Venting Their Frustration Following Shutdown News

Marvel's Avengers is a weird game. You'd think it was the perfect IP with a great formula for live service success, at least on paper, but it was ultimately underwhelming. Not only are the mission structures boring, but the combat isn't really fun, and doesn't give you the feeling of being a superhero. The game is also stuck somewhere between trying to be like the MCU and doing its own thing.

I could go on, but that would be flogging a dead horse. As of March 31, Marvel's Avengers will receive no new content, and support for the game will cease on September 30. Avengers will have been live for almost three years, with a bunch of new characters and content added over time, but none of them good enough to save the game. Following the news of the shutdown, fans share their frustrations with the game, and what it could have been.

"A Marvel Avengers live service video game that could've been constantly updated with new content themed to new movies at the literal height of popularity of Marvel had the potential to be one of the biggest games out there, but they fumbled that bag so hard," said ToothlessFTW.

"I wish people would actually learn from past mistakes. But as we saw with Crystal Dynamics, they didn't learn a single lesson from all the other live-service games that came before it. Instead, it easily was one of the worst," said another negative comment, by Barachim.

"I spent so much time on this game since day 1 grinding for spider-man….. then he came out. I've been praying for this games downfall since," said Luis_Swagcia, who was bitterly disappointed by the Spider-Man DLC.

"Honestly fuck Square," said a visibly frustrated Legal-Feul2039. "I know people love to shit on CD but I feel like Square was the main factor in this failure they not only pushed for the live service and put a studio that has never done that before on to it. they also just didn't fund the game you can feel the lack of budget and then when they saw the game was in trouble instead of making a push for the better they just completely sold off the studio and game rights to be someone else's problem".

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