Marvin The Martian’s Full MultiVersus Moveset Has Been Datamined

Marvin the Martian's full moveset in MultiVersus has been datamined, revealing that he'll attack with a bubble blaster, space-time rifle, disintegration pistol, and more.

MultiVersus entered its second season just a few days ago and, while it didn't launch with a new character, it did reveal who's coming to the game next – Marvin the Martian. This wasn't much of a surprise for anyone keeping up with recent datamines, but data related to Marvin was also added to the game and subsequently leaked, giving us a good idea of how he'll play.

The moveset, which was shared by reliable MultiVersus dataminer LaisulMV, is only in text form at the moment as Marvin doesn't have a character model in the game just yet. Despite this, each move comes with a description, so it's pretty easy to figure out how they'll work in-game.

Starting with Marvin's normal attacks, his neutral normal will have him fire a bubble from the Acme Bubble Blaster. Aside from being a reference to Back in Action, the bubble can be charged and will trap whoever gets in its way, similar to one of Iron Giant's moves. Marvin's side normal is a simple punch-and-kick combo with a blaster attack at the end, while his normal ground and normal air will both involve him firing projectiles from his pistol.

Let's get onto the juicier part of Marvin's moveset – the special moves. Marvin's neutral special has him pressing a big red button that will hurt nearby enemies and reverse projectiles, presumably making them hurt whoever sent them. Marvin's up special has some similarities to Morty, as both summon a ship of some kind that can be used as a platform, although Marvin's then will shoot out projectiles.

His side special has Marvin shooting a space-time rifle that pulls enemies towards him like a grappling hook, while his down special has him planting a flag in the ground that will then cause a lock-on debuff to anyone in the vicinity. Most of the special attacks remain the same in the air as they do on the ground, although with some slight differences in attack length and direction.

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