Mass Effect Mod Lets You Choose Miranda On The Suicide Mission Without Getting Anyone Killed

Anybody who's played Mass Effect 2 will know that it's a real challenge keeping everyone alive on the final mission. Even if you've completed every character's loyalty mission, upgraded the Normandy, and made sweet love to whoever you chose to romance, one wrong move can send your squad mates to an untimely demise.

One of those wrong moves involves a section of the final mission called The Long Walk. This is where you have to choose a biotic specialist to keep a force field up to protect you and your teammates from being eaten by a swarm of bugs. Pick Jack, Samara, or Morinth, and if they're loyal to you, then the barrier holds and everyone lives. Pick anyone else–like Miranda–and someone dies. Usually Thane, unless he's already died because of something else.

For some reason, Mass Effect 2 doesn't consider Miranda a strong enough biotic specialist to keep that shield up the whole time. That kinda sucks as she's introduced as a powerful biotic and remains so throughout the game with an excellent suite of biotic skills. There's no reason why Miranda whould get anybody killed, which is why modder CommanderShepardHere created the Miranda's Long Walk mod.

"This mod allows Miranda to be your biotic specialist in the final mission," reads the mod description. This means the mod changes the flowchart (thanks, PC Gamer) of the suicide mission to not kill a teammate if you ask Miranda to hold the door for you.

To grab Miranda's Long Walk, head on over to Nexus Mods for the file download. Note that you'll need to also get the Unofficial Mass Effect 2 Legendary Edition Patch, which is an award-winning compilation of community bug fixes. Note that this mod changes the ending's code, so it's not compatible with anything that futzes with how Mass Effect 2 ends.

Want a somewhat happier ending for Mass Effect? The Happy Ending Citadel Mod provides exactly that by changing a few things about the Citadel DLC. Check it out in our previous coverage here.

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