Mass Effect: Where To Find Liara

Once you’ve become a Spectre in Mass Effect, you’ll be tasked with tracking down and apprehending Saren. You’ll have three leads to follow up on; the Geth attack on Feros, a Geth interest on Noveria, and finally, finding Liara T’Soni. You can complete these three assignments in any order, but we recommend finding Liara first as you’ll get an awesome new squadmate.

When it comes to finding Liara, the only information you have is that she is researching Prothean ruins somewhere in the Artemis Tau cluster. Considering there is more than one planet you can visit in this area, it can get a little tiresome trying to find her, so we’ve got a guide right here on where she is.

Where to Find Liara T’Soni

Head to the Galaxy Map on the Normandy and zoom out until you can see the whole of the Milky Way. The Artemis Tau cluster is located in the bottom right, so make this your next destination.

Next, you want to select the Knossos system, and then visit the planet Therum. This is where Liara can be found. As soon as you touch down on the planet’s surface, Joker will report strange activity.

Unlike other planets where you can openly explore, the path on Therum is linear so as to guide you to your story destination. You’ll largely be making your way down various roads in the Mako, taking out different enemies along the way.

Once you’ve finally made your way into the Prothean Ruins, you’ll find Liara trapped inside a Prothean barrier and she’ll need your help to get out. Go down a level, defeat the enemies, and that interact with the Mining Laser Controls.

The code you need is as follows:

  • Xbox: A, X, B, Y, X.
  • PlayStation: Cross, Square, Circle, Triangle, Square.
  • PC: Randomly generated.

This will open up a new pathway for you to get up to Liara and free her, then after some more enemies have been defeated, you can return to the Normandy and invite Liara to join your crew.

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