Microsoft Warns Us To Not Vape Into The Xbox Series X

Xbox has had to officially warn people not to blow vape smoke into their brand new Series X consoles.

As Xbox and PlayStation mark the beginning of a new generation of console, it’s probably fair to say that most of the gaming world is pretty excited about it. However, there are always a few rotten apples that try to spoil everyone’s fun. This go-around, it comes in the form of viral videos that appear to show Series X consoles spontaneously catching fire.

A handful of clips started to surface on social media just hours after the next-gen console launched earlier this week. They show the Series X stood upright with smoke billowing from the holes in the top of it. Whatever was supposedly burning inside the console must have been pretty flammable to have created that much smoke.

A potential explanation as to what is really happening suggests there’s nothing burning at all. Malik shared a clip on Twitter of their own Series X as they let smoke from a vape pen creep over the top of it. The end product is indeed a Series X that appears to have smoke emitting from its depths, making it look like it’s on fire. The belief is that’s what is actually happening in most if not all of the clips claiming to show flaming Xbox consoles.

That’s certainly what Xbox seems to think. The creators of the Series X have even felt the need to officially warn people not to blow vape smoke into their brand new $500 consoles. “We can’t believe we have to say this, but please do not blow vape smoke into your Xbox Series X,” Xbox tweeted. It also directs anyone with a real Series X problem to Xbox Support.

We’re unsure what anyone staging an Xbox fire is looking to gain from blowing vape smoke into their new consoles. Five minutes of fame perhaps, which will now be over since it seems that the curtain has been pulled back on their magic trick. It may also have cost them quite a lot of money as even though vape smoke won’t do as much damage to a Series X as fire, it can’t be doing it any good. At least $500 worth of damage, but potentially $1600 worth if the console was bought on a resale site.

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