Miitopia Makes The Avatars Useful On Nintendo Switch

Our Nintendo Switch avatar can finally go on adventures again in Miitopia, announced during today’s long-awaited Nintendo Direct. Miitopia first made its debut on the Nintendo 3DS  in 2017 as a fantasy RPG. It allowed you to create and customize your Mii and go on quests. The Switch version will launch on May 21, 2021.

The new Switch version has been seemingly fully updated, allowing for greater character customization options such as makeup and wigs. Nintendo wants us to “glam up” our character for adventure. You can even cast your friends as allies, villains, or even a princess as teased in the trailer.

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Relationships are important for succeeding in this game like any other RPG. The better your bond the better your ally performs in battle. If you don’t work on your bond, however, they can actually turn on you. The funny aspect of the Miitopia game was casting real-life friends or even people you don’t like and playing with them or against them.

Another new feature is the ability to have a horse as an ally. Miis are also making a comeback in the newly announced Mario Golf: Super Rush where utilize your character in the game’s Story Mode. Whichever way you choose to play Miitopia’s return will hopefully prove to be an exciting one. Interested adventurers can pre-order the game now on the Nintendo eShop.

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